Wednesday, March 30

Out With the Old, In With the New


As most of you may know, I was heavily involved with - my personal blog where I shared many of my reviews, stories, pictures, videos, etc. Slowly but surely, I began to stop posting on the site. Why? Well, Blogger was lagging in times and I wanted to take some time to find another host that not only was with the times, but also allowed me to post on the go as easily as possible. Where I focused on product reviews, news, and mainstream stuff, I wanted a change that also included things about my life. You are probably thinking, "That is what Facebook is for." and you would probably be right, however, this will be a way to inform my viewers more in depth. 

Will there be many changes to the structure of the site? No, there will not be. I will still be writing (probably every other day), and still cover what I have always been covering with a personal flair to it. I will also have my guest blogger, Brooks Sanford, who has contributed in the past occasionally.

With all this being said, I hope you enjoy the new site! I will be making changes here and there. Feel free to contact me regarding anything you want to share. I will have a new URL for this blog so you will easily be able to access

Take care guys and thanks again for reading!

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