Saturday, February 11

Get Limewire Pro Free!

LimeWire is an open source P2P, yet strangely, it is sold both as a free and pro version. Still, the pro version is open-source, so it is freely distributed.
I understand free versions of software being open-source, how they license the pro license under the GPL. There must be some purpose to this. I have LimeWire Pro, I did not pay, but I did not steal; I broke no law. Wonderful! In my view, LimeWire is the best Gnutella client. It faces lots of criticism because it is written in the generally buggy Java platform.
The only networks I use are Gnutella and BitTorrent. I use BitTorrent for large files and Gnutella for small ones.
I hope LimeWire survives the battles it’ll face this year. I love when I can abuse the open-sourcisness (nice word, huh?) of it. I think the company, Lime Wire LLC, should find new ways of making revenue - and release the pro version free. This would bring the taste of open-source to those who do not know open-source is.
Oh yeah, and if you want to download LimeWire Pro free and legally visit this site.

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