Sunday, February 12

This Weekend

This weekend has been a good weekend for me. Friday, Gwen came over my place. We had a good time. I do not think I will be seeing her on Valentines Day, so, we exchanged something for each other. I got her a watch and she took me out (lol) and got me a book. I do not like to read, but I think I will look at it. It is called “Tuesdays with Morrie.” Afterwards, we went to a restaurant called Fatz. I had not been there in a while so we decided to go there. After we got back, we hung out with Seth (last weeks spotlight) and Erik for a little while. We then decided to get a movie from Blockbuster and go mud digging. It was Gwen’s first time and she was a little “disturbed.” We got back late, and since Gwen was tired and had a busy day Saturday, decided to go home. We watched the movie and went to bed.

Saturday was the most boring day. We all went to lunch: Matt (spotlight), Seth, Adam, and I. When we got to the school cafeteria, there was a bunch of kids there that were touring the school and having lunch, I guess. Adam wanted to stay, but Seth, Erik, and I want to go out to eat, so we ended up going to Pizza Hut. During lunch, they decided to go to my house. It was a cloudy, rainy day, so we were all pretty bored and everyone was just up to going to my parent’s house for some reason. I wasn’t up to that so I turned it down.

Holly got back from Anderson later and we were so bored, we were about to kill each other to entertainment, so we decided to see Coleman in NC. Coleman did not want us to come to NC; we just drove on to Greenville and went to Coffee Underground. It was fun and we stayed there for quite some time, and then drove back. Matt and I did not go to bed until 4 or 5 in the morning because we were amazed at the Olympics.

Sunday was a relaxing day. My computer was giving me problems, so I took the whole day reformatting my hard drive. I am pleased to say that it is working perfectly now and I am quite content.

Sorry, there was not a featured spotlight this week. I usually do them every Sunday, but my computer was just giving me too many problems and now that it is working, the internet is going to slow for me to post a picture (It is really that slow). So look forward to one really soon. Until then, look out for random news!

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