Wednesday, March 29

New and Improved

New Changes:
  • Have a computer problem? Need directions? Need a good website to visit? Want research done? Want a review for a product? Whatever you want to know! Try my new service free for a limited amount of time! Click the button at the very top left corner. Must sign up. For real service calls only, otherwise, call my personal cell phone to chat!
  • Diggnation news on the right that updates constantly. Keeps you informed.
  • Have Plaxo? Add me to your address book!
  • Aim presence
  • Evoca will provide recordings on the site for your listening pleasure, whether it be my voice, a song, or someone elses voice. Some things I post, you will have to buy, and like iTunes, I only charge no more than $.99. Before buying anything, you will be able to listen to 30 seconds just so you can make sure you want it!
  • Stay tuned for more changes to come!

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