Wednesday, March 29

New Service of the Week

Like my "New Service" picture? I think I'll use this as a "new service" picture everytime.

So the new service of the week would have to be Orb. Orb is a service that allows you to stream, music, videos, pictures, and recorded TV to any web-enabled device.

Let's say you are visiting a friend, and don't have your computer. Just go to Orb and there is everything you need on you own personalized Orb site.

I love this program because I have GBs upon GBs of music, videos (TV SHows and Movies), and pictures on my desktop and I can't haul around my desktop wherever I go, so I pull out my laptop, go to Orb, go to my music section and listen to a little Dave Matthews while I look at some pictures. Orb automatically organizes and sorts your music, videos, and pictures for you so you don't have to.

But don't take my word for it. Try it yourself. It is absolutely free. Posted by Picasa

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