Wednesday, April 26

Creepy Crawlers (Pic)

My infatuation with spiders has interested me for many years. As a little boy, my aspiration was to become an Entomologist. I wasn’t the normal kid that wanted to be a “cash register” or run away with the circus; I wanted to study insects, specifically spiders. That aspiration is still with me to this day, but I enjoy news much better.

I am not really sure why I enjoyed the 8-legged arachnid. The fear that the insect creates is phenomenal. As a child, the curiosity of the rumors of the spider fascinated me. Movies were made about killer spiders, books were written, pictures depicting man-eating spiders were shown, wounds of highly venomous spiders were shown in biology class, etc.

My favorite channel to watch was (and still is) the discovery channel and I could watch that for days. Spider shows would be the main focus. As time progressed, my study of the infamous creature created the interest of taking pictures of it. Wherever I found a spider, my camera would be out.

Unfortunately, my years of interest in the arachnid never got me a pet spider. My mother has arachnophobia, so she would not allow it, despite the incessant requests. To this day, I have an amazing amount of pictures of spiders, and the knowledge to teach a class.

This particular spider is a common house spider (in spite of the size) that happens to be crawling in my parent’s home on one Sunday afternoon. The loud scream of my mother was an indication that there was a spider in the house. As always, I carefully removed the spider and placed it outside for careful observation.

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