Wednesday, April 26

Even Closer...

Want to win something? If you have facebook and want to win a prize, you are eligible!
Rules: Only 2 post in a row, at a time. Sorry!

Facebook, which is a very popular social networking site, has changed my life as we know it! When it opened up to Lander Univeristy students about mid-summer last year, there was a massive run to the facebook site. Facebook currently occupies 85% of college students in the world and has recently alloud high school students to register and take over even more of the popularity.

Facebook also competes with highly popular social networking site, Myspace. Myspace is very similar, except with a bit of "umph" to it. You are able to create blogs, play music, personalize your site to fit your personality, etc.

Anyway, a nice feature that myspace and facebook have (myspace calling it something different) is a "wall." The wall allows anyone registered to post messages on it. Any sort of message. Whatever you wish. Like an email, only publicly displayed, adding a little fun to the somewhat bland personal page that facebook offers.

In the hopes to break my personal record as well as cure my boredom of Facebook, I have offered an incentive to do just that. I want to get to the 300th post on my wall, and what a better way to do that by offering a prize to someone who does it. Not only to the 300th post, but every 300th post, there will be offered a prize! What is the prize, you ask? Who knows, but I can guarantee that you will like it.

285 posts...

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