Thursday, April 27

Want to Help?

Around last year, I sang in a choir in Greenwood, SC; the church choir. The name of the Church is called Rock Presbyterian. It is a wonderful church and they welcomed me with open arms after I departed from my previous church in Clinton, SC.

The choir wants to travel to a little place in Brazil for a mission trip. A couple of years ago I went to Sau Palo, Brazil, and it was an amazing experience. The church is relatively small and does not have many members; in fact, the church members are the choir members. Due to the small number of church members, revenue of the church is unfortunate.

This trip, that I will not have the pleasure of attending, is going to be as soon as they can generate enough money to go. A church member informed me that they are looking forward to the trip, but just cannot afford it. I feel really bad because it will be such an amazing trip for them, especially since they have not been on one before.

The church has treated me in such a great way, that I would like to somewhat pay them back and help them out. I am hoping to surprise them. I would like to raise a little money for them to go. I could not be in the choir this year due to class and work schedules, so as said, I will not be attending the trip, which like I also said, will not be made until they come up with the money. The cost of 8 members to go is astronomical, but I want to plant a seed; I want to add to their goal by making one. I would like to raise $3000 for them.

This is when everyone else comes in. In addition to my own donations to my goal, I would like you to help. If one person contributes one dollar, that would be amazing! I will be contributing $5.00 every Friday.


Why should I donate?

Why not? It is only a dollar to a great cause.

How do I know my money is going to a church?

Unfortunately, since the church does not have a website, there is no way I can show you, however, if you go to the church one Sunday (making sure not to mention my surprise to them), you will find that they will mention donations for the trip.

Will I get anything out of this?

I wish I could say yes, but no. I could give you a movie out of my collection (free shipping) of 170 DVDs if you really want something.

More question? Email me at

In the next few days, I will be placing a donation button on this site for you to donate whenever you wish. Please do.

Thank You

Jovan C. Washington

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