Saturday, April 8

Rock House (Pic)

This is the Rock House. Unlike the urban legend of a cheerleader being murdered at Brewer Middle School here in Greenwood, The Rock House includes a deeper, more chilling story...

It is not clear as to what sort of mysteries this house holds, but I've heard everything from ghost taking quarters from a bridge near by, to the car cutting off randomly for 15 minutes. Why? Who knows; most likely-murder.

A group of us decided to do some investigations.
Verdict: A fun place to go when you have nothing to do. The big tall Rock House is actually made of rock, which is quite interesting. In the dark, it is very creepy. Why is it so creepy? Rumors have a lot to do with it. The rumors have spread in dramatic details, causing us to quiver in our boots, however, the house could be considered as scary as Lander University President Ball's house, given a chilling story dramatized over years and years.

The house is interesting for your first time after hearing stories upon stories of how the car will cut off, ghosts will steal money, demons will burst out of the ground and grab your legs, etc. Afterwards, it is a fun place to hang out, maybe even have a grill-out. Overlooking the house, you'll find that it is a nice area in the daytime and perfect for a game of frisby, or like I said, a grill-out. I have been there for a total of two times, and I have not experienced anything horrifying except, maybe, a mouse running through the house.

On the inside, you'll find quite a simplistic setup, with no pipes, no kitchen, no bathrooms. Each room has a fireplace and the house itself has three stories with the third story being undeveloped. In the middle of the house, there is a perfect circle in the roof that leads me to believe that there once was a staircase occupying the space. I have just started hearing that the house used to be a hunting lodge. Who Knows? You should check it out one day. It wou't hurt, despite the stories... Posted by Picasa

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