Tuesday, April 4

Service of the Week

Ever experience the problem of loosing very important information that you forgot to back up. Perhaps you made a back up, and your back up just failed. I have experienced this horrible problem and lost thousands of documents and other important information.

Unlike Orb, which was featured last week, Mozy allows one to back up their important files to a secure, online 2GB storage facility. Orb streams music amd videos from your hard drive, but Mozy allows you to back it up.

When you go to the website (which is under my links), you set up a free account, which includes 2GB of storage and a program that automatically syncronizes with the information you want Mozy to back up, and it does this whenever your computer is not being used, making sure it will not interrupt your computer usage.

Give it a try. it won't hurt. Its free. No setup fees, no monthly payment. The link is on the side under my links. Enjoy!

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