Wednesday, May 10

AIM Pages is here!

I have been talking about AIM Pages, the "Myspace Killer" for a few days now and it was realeased today!

First impression: The site is clean and organized (something I’m not sure the Myspace crowd wants), and module based (about me, photos, etc.). Modules can be dragged to any point on the screen. It’s not working properly with Firefox (or possibly at all), which I imagine will be fixed.

Personal publishing is very easy, and users have too many choices. Anything new really has to stand out, and AIM Pages doesn’t. AIM Pages is a slick looking Ajax product, but is not really raising the bar vs Myspace and others. I’m also dissapointed that it’s not working properly in Firefox. Now, the fact that your AIM Page will be prepopulated with your AIM buddies is a big competitive advantage, and I imagine AIM will have some level of success due to that asset.

AIM Pages


Jim said...

Works on Firefox (for Mac), but not Safari. I may try it out at somepoint, but it wasn't something I wanted to get involved with tonight.

JoCoWash said...

Thanks for the update. I haven't tried on my Mac yet, but on my windows PC, it is still giving me problems. Maybe it is just me...