Saturday, May 6


As you know, I am home for the summer. My parents live in a home that is partly covered in the woods. The whole backyard is filled with wildlife. I think if I hired a team of scientist to check out the backyard, they would find new species of animals.

Anyway, I happened to see a fury creature we are all use to seeing, unknowingly nibbling on food. It was very cute. I watched as the squirrel got closer and closer to me, picking up food on the way over, stopping to carefully crack open the shell, and remove the delicious treat inside. I slowly knelt down to get a better view; then it happened…

The little creature was astonishingly close and I was amazed at how friendly the thing was. If we were any closer, I believe I could have nuzzled it with my nose. I carefully reached out to it, trying to see if I could pet it. About half way, the creature jumped and latched onto my arm and I quickly jumped up and freaked out. The squirrel flew up my arm near my head, as I ran around panicking. It ran down my chest, and as I tried to grab it, ran around to my back and I could not reach it. I reached again and it ran down my right leg, jumped over to my left leg and ran off.

I stood there wondering what just happened and I tried to convince myself that that just didn’t happen. But it did, and I don’t know why. It didn’t bite me or anything. It just ran around my body. Maybe it thought I was a tree. I am brown…haha. Posted by Picasa

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Jim said...

That's hilarious. I've often been a little uneasy about the squirrels on Clemson's campus. They seem a little too friendly sometimes.

Then other times, they'll sit up in a tree and stare/bark at people passing by. I've talked to people before that have sworn the squirrels threw something at them...