Sunday, May 7

Free Phone Numbers!

In today's digital age, landline phones are slowly becoming no more. Aside from the fact that I now have to depend on a landline phone, temporarily, (due to the lack of intelligence at Verizon Wireless) I never used a landline phone. My parents primary phone is their cell. My friends primary phone is their cells. Landline is becoming the dial-up modem, which is what you will have to get rid of (if you are still lagging behind) to participate in many services today.

AOL has plans to offer a new service for users of its instant messaging client that would allow them to receive incoming telephone calls. Called Phoneline, the feature provides a telephone number to subscribers free of charge. A pay version would also be offered, which would allow unlimited calls to U.S. and 30 countries worldwide for $14.95 a month.

Phoneline is intended to compete directly with VoIP provider Skype, which offers similar services through its desktop client. However, Skype users must pay an additional fee to receive a phone number for their account.

AOL also plans to take on MySpace and MSN Spaces with the launch of AIM Pages, a social networking service that would alert the user's buddies through the AIM client when profiles are updated.

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