Sunday, May 7

Jethro's Advice

My friend Matt Huston (Far on the left) and the rest of his band members ended school with a bang; a great bang. A friend of mine had pointed out their music once to me and I really enjoyed it, but never really thought about it until the end of school.

Jethro’s Advice is a Christian "indie pop" band with jazz and R & B influences. Jared and Matt Houston (whom are brothers), along with high school friend, Jeff Madden, formed the band in 2003. Matt Huston goes to Lander University and on his free time, he plays his heart out. The band consists of 6 memebers: Matt Houston, Jared Houston, Justin Gilreath, Jeff Madden, Aaron Bowen, and Dee Johnson.

Jethro's Advice came to the school and played a handful songs, consisting of covers and their own work. The band is really starting to take off and I can only predict nothing but success for them! Everyone enjoyed them and was held at Lander University behind the new dorms. It was a nice relaxing atmosphere outside in the grass.

"As God has spoken to them through dreams and relationships, their song writing abilities have blossomed. The band’s unique sound, tasteful melodies, and faith inspired lyrics have gained them recognition among multi-cultural listeners."

Want to know more? Visit their website, which is under "My Links" or click here.

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