Sunday, May 7

Time for Change

I enjoy change. It is good to have a few changes in your life. I was doing some thinking and I want to change the name of this blog. "JoCoWash" is a little bland and I am looking to spice up this blog a little.

FAQ: Where did JoCoWash derive?

JoCoWash has been my name for quite some time now. In fact, many people call me JoCoWas, or JoCo. JoCoWash is my name condensed. Jovan Corey Washington. It has been a name that I use for everything so to use it as a title was only comfortable for me.

It is time to stop letting the name take over my life! It is time for change! Suggestions for a new blog title would be great. Perhaps I will come up with some titles and create a poll with them. Until then, please send in your suggestions by comment, email, or IM.

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