Monday, January 22

Job Well Done

When I was in high school, I always joked around about getting paid to go to school, because I felt it was like a job. Who knew students were actually getting paid these days!

It appears an Ohio school district is experimenting with an incentive deployed by parents to coax good grades out of students -- paying them up to $100 for good performances on state achievement exams.

The study being done with students receive $15 for every score of "proficient" on a state exam and $20 for better results -- so they can collect $100 if they have high scores in all five subjects. The money comes as gift certificates redeemable at a local pizza parlor and Wal-Mart.

Critics maintain that "paying for grades can kill the students' inner desire to learn for learning's sake," and I can agree with that, but who needs to learn when they have money! Haha. Just kidding. This is a study being done in that district, so they could pull the whole program pretty soon if they see a decrease in student's desire to learn. We'll see...

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