Thursday, February 1


It's not to often when there are times a person needs a quick girlfriend to bring home to mom and dad. Valentines Day is coming up, and I am sure a few of you wouldn't mind renting a girl for the day. :)
A desperate Chinese university student wants to "rent" a girlfriend for 10 days so he can show her off to his parents over the Lunar New Year holiday. The physics student, who gave his name as Zhu Lijie, posted a notice on a bulletin board at Peking University offering 1,000 yuan ($130) to a woman who would pose as his girlfriend for the trip home for the holiday. Interesting, isn't it?

Well, the ad he posted said the woman should be "an honest, kind and similar-aged girl with a diploma." The Lunar New Year holiday, which starts Feb. 18 this year, is the most important family holiday in China.

Xinhua said Zhu had told his parents, who were pressuring him to get a girlfriend, that he had been studying too hard and had no time to meet a potential partner.

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Anonymous said...

I think it's a great idea for those who see Valentine's Day as Single Awareness Day. I have thought about advertising to be someone's girlfriend for that day, but safety concerns kept me from it.