Saturday, March 10

300 Review

If you have ever seen the preview for the movie 300, then you were probably thinking that it looked full of ridiculous, over-dramatic scenes. Perhaps if you looked beyond that, then you will find that the preview looked beautiful and very artistic. I was able to watch this two-hour Frank Miller film, and I can tell you that it was a great movie.

It tells the story of the 300 Spartan warriors led by their King Leonidas (Gerard Butler), as they stand up against the tens of thousands of Persians awaiting to conquer and take over Sparta. The Persians are lead by Xerxes (Rodrigo Santoro), who figures himself a god among men. The movie is pretty much about their battle. There was a lot of battle and it started to get a little boring, but Frank Miller's creative mind boosts you back.

There is just a little more to the movie than the battle, but mostly about the battle and I'll tell you now that the battle scenes are amazing. Unlike that of any battle scenes that I have seen in a movie.
You'll want to compare them to scenes from Lord of the Rings or Gladiator...WRONG! You'd be very wrong. I am taking a camera class and can appreciate the camera work much more than usual and it was great. The way they did it was quite invigorating, and a stand out among many great epic battle sequences. The visuals themselves, even when not involving bloodshed or carnage, are a sight to behold.

There is a lot one can take away from this film and I can imagine it would be hard to top. Not only was it a beautiful movie, but a good movie and I recommend that you watch it.

9 out of 10 Stars

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