Tuesday, March 6

Apple's iPhone

Apple's new iPhone release date is getting closer and closer and the big question is, who will buy one? The price of the device is scaring some people away (like myself). I am sure I will eventually buy one of these cool devices, but why? The iPhone which will be released in June via Cingular will combine three amazing products: Mobile phone of course, a widescreen iPod with a touchscreen interface, and a nifty internet browsing machine or organizer.

We all know what an iPod does. Well, the iPhone will make it so much better to use. Widescreen iPod with touch controls that lets you enjoy all your content — including music, audiobooks, videos, TV shows, and movies on a beautiful widescreen display. The phone part is a cool mobile phone that allows you to make a call by simply pointing your finger at a name or number in your address book. Cingular now has a service called visual voicemail that will be featured on the iPhone that allows you to actually see your voicemails, like email! The iPhone will have all your wireless wants-WiFi and Bluetooth.

The phone will come in two options. A 4GB version and a 8GB version-$499 for the 4GB, and $599 for the 8GB. That is a lot, but the phone does a lot and is beautiful. Will you buy one?

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