Saturday, March 3

Protect Your Electronics

Like many of us today, our lives are surrounded by electronics of all sorts. iPods, laptops, cellphones, cameras, Zunes, PDAs, USB flash drives, etc. If you are like me and have a bunch electronics, you are probably going to want more protection-free protection.

GadgetTrak recovery system allows a person to register an electronic device so in the case that a device was stolen, the person would be able to track its location if they were to plug it into their computer. If your iPod were stolen, you log into your account and notify them that your iPod is missing. The next time the person plugs the device into their computer, the company will be notified instantly and provide you with details to help you get your iPod back!

Pretty simple. Most of us have insurance and other ways to go about getting our property back, but if you don't, or even if you want more protection like me, this is the cheapest way to go. Of course the company offers a small subscription-based service that gives a person even more detail. The company claims to be 80% accurate within 25 miles of the US and Canada so that is not too bad.

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