Thursday, April 19

More and more people are listening to more and more music. With memory getting cheaper, people can store more music on their computers than ever before. My music collection literally rises every day. I find myself buying or downloading (try Limewire) a song per day on average. So, you have all this music and what do you do with it besides listen to it? Share it with friends! is an Internet radio station and music recommendation system. The system builds a nice profile of each user's musical taste. The profile is visible on a customizable web page, enhanced by social networking features, and can recommend and play artists similar to the person's favorites. A member can build up a musical profile using two methods: by listening to their personal music collection on a music player application (like iTunes or Windows Media Player) with the "Audioscrobbler" plugin, or by listening to the Internet radio, which is similar to Pandora. Songs played are added to a log from which personal top artist/track bar charts and musical recommendations are calculated. They call it "scrobbling." The user's page also displays Recently Played tracks, and these are available via web services, allowing users to display them on blogs.

Recommendations pop up so users can browse a list of artists not listed on their own profile but those that appear on others with similar musical tastes. This is a really neat feature because I can look up songs that I didn't know about, but liked a lot. There is a lot to like about this service. This service is like a music social network and that is what I like about it. I love music, so I can view other with similar taste and get even more music. Try it out! Did I mention it is free!

Want to see an example? Go to my site!

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