Thursday, April 19

Seiko Watch

I'm not too into watches these days since I have a cell phone to keep track of time, but today, Seiko introduced a new watch that may have me changing my mind in the future. This beautiful watch has what they call, an electronic ink display. The watch is designed for women, but be on the look out, because I am sure they will have a version for us men out there.

Seiko designed the bracelet style watch using high resolution "e-ink" technology. If the watch is set to its 'efficiency' mode, the display is informative and easy to read. If, however, the watch is set to its 'mystery' mode, the panel expresses the time in an interesting mode, so they say. The ink display is encased under a 360-degree continuous crystal.

Unfortunately, unless you have $2000 lying around, some people may not be able to afford it, but wait a while and you'll eventually see a price drop.

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