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Magic Jack

I know I hate to be without a phone to communicate with others on a daily basis. These days, not many people are without a phone of some sort, except for my roommate who made a smart move and decided to save money and eliminate his bills completely--including his cell phone. Most of us have a cell phone, so there really isn't a need to have a landline. In my roommates circumstance, this is unfortunate because he has no way of getting a phone call or making one.

Today, a large percentage of people have internet over phone so many companies are taking full advantage of this by offering services like Skype and Vonage. There are also free alternatives like AimPhoneline which gives a person a number to recieve a call. You'll have to pay more to make calls. Many others are offering services like these that are slowly killing landline phone companies. There is a new kid on the block though. This new service blows everyone out of the water.

Magic Jack is a new service that gives you a number, voicemail, call waiting, caller ID, etc. and a nifty little phone jack. Despite the name, the phone jack is not magical, but it gets close. It is a USB phone jack that plugs into a computer and then the person plugs a phone into the other end allowing them to make or recieve calls for free. All you have to do is buy the phone jack for $39.00. That is not bad for a phone service. There aren't any other costs. As the website says, "Never pay a phone bill again!"

If you use a service called Free 411 to find local, business, and residential numbers for free, then you'll hear all about it. When dialing the service to get a number, I was curious and asked for more detail about Magic Jack and I was transffered to a CSR pushing hard for me to get a Magic Jack. I told her no thank you and she quickly responded "why?" I told her I have a cell phone and just was not interested right now. She brought to light a great use of what a person could do with this Magic Jack such as going out of town and instead of using the costly hotel phones, a person could just plug in the Magic Jack.

I see this service further knocking down the hopes and dreams left for all the landline phone companies out there like BellSouth. Of course, it all depends. Magic Jack could be horrible quality. If you look at the comments, there are mixed reviews, but I'd like to say, most people who own and use Magic Jack are genreally happy.

If you have questions, you may find some answers here. If not, post a comment or send me an email. Thanks! You can also read great MagicJack reviews here.


Anonymous said...

2 People called me using it and it was as clear as any land line call can be. Thet were at least 1/2 hour calls and no noise or cutting out at all. I just ordered one.

JoCoWash said...

Thanks! Good to know!

Anonymous said...

I am a x- SUNROCKET customer and
I am so glad about the
MAGIC JACK,I ordered one so i am waiting,I will get back to you after I use it.
This is the best deal yet,no wonder Sunrocket went out of buisness they knew what was coming.

Anonymous said...

I just received mine yesterday. Called a few people - works great!! Clear call!! took about 5 minutes to install and get a number.

JoCoWash said...

Cool. I am going to have to get one soon.

The Dime Collection said...

I got my Magic Jack the other day!
I pluged it in registered and now i have a phone!
This is a dream for us Frugal people!

I am lovin' this no bill thing.

Anonymous said...

Hi ,
I got the magic jack, but when I try calling someone there is so much static .They can hear me very clear, but I cannot hear a word. Can any one help?

Anonymous said...

For the other person having problems. You may have a problem if your connection is very slow or your computer is very slow. As for me, The Magic Jack is Great so far.

Anonymous said...

We have Magic Jack and it worked, until we did our voice mail. Now it says -- line in use- We can dial in on the computer, not our phone, and like I said, it worked before we did voice mail set up. We have emailed customer support and are getting non answers. Such as, unplug, reboot, and use another USB port. We had done all that and told them so. ANyone have any idea on what to do next? It worked fine, until voice mail set up.

Anonymous said...

I have been using Majicjack for almost 2 months. I wasn't happy in the begining. Lots of static noice and call quality was very bad, but i didn't want to giveup. Because It is so cheap.
I tried some changes such as changing USB port and phone devise. Seems like Majicjack also upgraded software. Call quality has been improved. I am really happy now.
it's just $20 bucks a year. Specially if you are travelling to any foreign country you can make and recieve phone calls to USA for free. Nothing beats that.

Anonymous said...

I have been using MajicJack for almost 2 months. In the begining call quality was horrible with lots of static noice. But i didn't want to giveup. Because it is so cheap. I tried several things such as changing the USB port, changing the phone devise and changing wireless to LAN. Seems like Majicjack also improved the software.
Now i am very happy with call quality and saving bunch of money for switching to Majicjack.
Specially if you are travelling to any foreign countries you can make phone calls and recieve phone calls to and from USA for free.
Just for 20 bucks a year. I think this is the best invention of 21st century.

Anonymous said...

I have been using MajicJack for almost 2 months. In the begining call quality was horrible with lots of static noice. But i didn't want to giveup. Because it is so cheap. I tried several things such as changing the USB port, changing the phone devise and changing wireless to LAN. Seems like Majicjack also improved the software.
Now i am very happy with call quality and saving bunch of money for switching to Majicjack.
Specially if you are travelling to any foreign countries you can make phone calls and recieve phone calls to and from USA for free.
Just for 20 bucks a year. I think this is the best invention of 21st century.

Anonymous said...

I have been using MajicJack for almost 2 months. In the begining call quality was horrible with lots of static noice. But i didn't want to giveup. Because it is so cheap. I tried several things such as changing the USB port, changing the phone devise and changing wireless to LAN. Seems like Majicjack also improved the software.
Now i am very happy with call quality and saving bunch of money for switching to Majicjack.
Specially if you are travelling to any foreign countries you can make phone calls and recieve phone calls to and from USA for free.
Just for 20 bucks a year. I think this is the best invention of 21st century.

Anonymous said...

It's an incredibly clever product and the fact that there's no recurring cost is indeed enticing. Unfortunately, the QoS will always be limited by the kind of connectivity provided to the "Magic Jack". This means that there is no consistent way for the "Magic Jack" to guarantee any level of QoS. You could have horrible call quality or it could be pristine... it all depends on the ISP providing transport for your phone call.

Does anyone know what audio codec the Magic Jack uses?

Anonymous said...

my? is: does this work just on the one phone plugged in? what about extensions in my house?

Anonymous said...

To JoCo: Have you ever heard of the possessive apostrophe?

JoCoWash said...

Ha ha. Why yes I have...

bagochips said...

if it works like my current VOIP then all you have to do is plug a phone line from the MJ into the wall jack. Then all of the phones in the house plugged into the wall jacks should work.

I am going to give it a go myself.

Jay Savage said...

I got the magic Jack because I don't have a landline for Dish Network to call out & they charge $5.00 a month
thats $60. a year.

But Dish Network won't connect because of the cutting in & out on the line

ol bear said...


Anonymous said...

Is this facility available only for US guys or anyone in the world can take advantage of it??

Anonymous said...

Quote from their website
"RISK FREE! After your free 30 day trial your card will be charged $39.95 for a magicJack which includes a one year license. The $39.95 price above will be authorized on your credit card, but not charged to your credit card until the end of your free trial period. If for any reason the magicJack does not perform just as we say, you can return it to us during the first 30-days, and your card will not be charged."

I ordered the risk-free 30 days trial offer only to find out that my card was immediately billed for the purchase :(

The website doesn't give too much information on how numbers are acquired or anything else for that matter. I hope this is straightforward in the documentation.

Anonymous said...

I have been using the Magic Jack for about 2 weeks now. My primary use is to use it for long distance calls since there are no numbers with in a reasonable distance from my home. (do not want to make my friend down the street to have to call long distance to call me.)
Also I selected a city for my number where I have numerous friends so they then have a toll free way to call me or leave a message.
The quality of the call is above cell level.
I really like the voice mail and the fact that it emails you when ever someone leaves a message.
It is well worth the investment of the $47 (with S&H), and at $20 for each additional year of service can not be beat!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't understand as you say plug it into a phone line or compu8ter . That sounds good but you stil have a phone bill as my computer is conected to the phone line .

nokaoi said...

Some of you people on here haven't a clue about the net, voip, your phone bills or anything....stupid is as stupid does. Rocks for brains...think it through before you ask a question and if you can't 'think' go look it up online until you have a basic understanding of it....duh!!!!

Anonymous said...

stupid is as stupid does some of you need to use your dead brain...duh

Anonymous said...

Be nice now!! Just because your up to speed on this doesn't mean they should as well. All they were doing is asking a question. Keep you stupid comments to yourself!

Anonymous said...

check this link

Anonymous said...

i got my magic jack a few days ago and it will not register.i like to send it back do anybody have a address or phone number for thic company.

Anonymous said...

Friends do not let friends purchase the MagicJack. Free is alluring but when using for work or talking with family the call quality is lousy. Compared to AT&T CallVantage or SunRocket it ranks about a 2 out of 10 due to voices changing pitch, dropped calls, ease of dialing (not for non-computer familiar), etc. When listening to the testimonial videos on the website there is a father who says he can saves hundreds of dollars in phone bills by using it call his daughter at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL but anyone who pays $40,000 plus per year from a NWU education seeking basically "free" phone service seemed like a slick infomercial. I tried it anyways and now know it is not worth the time and cost for my needs. Phenomenal marketing but a mediocre product.

Anonymous said...

Does any one know what would the minimum upload and download speeds need to be for magicjack to work with out problems,for instance how about wireless cell sites capable of 600kbs or at home thru a dsl line of 768kbs,,,,thanks for any info

Anonymous said...

I get so sick and tire reading all the complaints about the MajicJack device and the lack of education of the founder.
Folks that write “BS” blogs lack vision, direction and are just plain outright idiots.
Put yourself in the owner’s position, only if you had the vision to come up with such a device.
Lay off the drugs, liquor and the women.
Maybe one day you’ll just come up with a great idea.
No, I am not talking to everyone, just a few of the dummies out there.
Try to be happy for people who are thinking outside of the box.
He could be on our tax rolls.
Oh yes, you would complain about that too.
Yes, owner’s profits and so would you if you expand that little brain.
You have 30 days to try it.
If you don’t like it send it back or maybe postage is your problem.
I applauded MajicJack. I tested 1 unit, it worked flawlessly and then purchased 2 more.
As a successful entrepreneur, I found out that people do not really like you when have lack.
So I guess I would rather choose being successful and fall into the “Unlike Category” and have plenty.
Little people are never satisfied unless they find something to complain about.
Keep the good work MajicJack.
I can’t wait until it hit the exchange.

Just Helping said...

I bought the Magic Jack. Can't beat the savings. I will be replacing my VOIP line.
I like it as a backup phone. However, I seem to miss a bit of incoming calls, and I cannot figure out why. The phone does not ring. But when I test it, it works. Any ideas. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Here are some links that might help you.

If you are having problems with your magic jack, go to

If you want to test the speed on your computer, go to OR

If you do not like the phone number you get with magic jack, go to and get a phone number and forward that line to your Magic Jack. Then give that local Grand Central phone line to your friends. I was invited to Grand Central by a friend and I got the phone numbers for free. I have invited other friends for free. Not sure how long that will last.

JoCoWash said...

That is strange and the only thing I can't think of that might be effecting incoming calls would be the internet or a disconnection of the device itself. I would suggest a rather simple process that you have probably already have done: Unplug the device and replug it. Not much help, but sometimes the easiest solution is the best solution :)

Thanks for those links. I use the Speakeasy test myself as well as Grand Central.

John61020 said...

Magic Jack Question ... If I take the first line coming into my house for phone and plug that into magic jack will it ring all the phones in my house, like I do with my voip? I dont see why it wouldnt, but was trying to confirm


Anonymous said...

i have a son in orlando. if i bought him one, could i buy a second one to give to his girlfriend in SLOVENIA? then they could talk forever??????

laurie (my classy

Kiran Reddy Manne said...

I'm unable to connect/use the magic jack . I got it from US and I registered/installed on my laptop, when I to India and when I connected to PC its saying Proxy server can any one help me regarding this.

Brian - IllinoisrM said...

I have owned a MagicJack for over a month now. I'm very happy with the unit and the quality. Since I bought one my best friend now bought one and my mom owns one. Magicjack does not allow you currently to port your current phone number, so my wife will not let me cancel our Vonage account. Since we are keeping our Vonage account I use a Google's GrandCentral to manage all my calls. I have the Vonage line set to forward to the Grand Central number which forwards to my MagicJack number. By doing this, I can use the Grand Central account to forward select callers to voicemail, others to my cell phone or my wifes cell our all at the same time. It's GREAT!

Dante said...

Can anyone answer the question asked about multiple phones? Can you plug a phone line into the MJ and then into your wall jack and all the extensions in your house will work or do you need multiple MJ's or what ?

Anonymous said...

Haven't any of you heard of Yahoo voice or Skype?
Same features and no 39.95 doggle fee.

Anonymous said...

well i wanted to get one but i have two computers in my house ,mine and my husbands in order for me to switch i would have two phone numbers in my house i think that would be dumb.. and for the woman that asked about the more than one phone a phone with 3 or 4 phones in one go to they have them there got me one . but anyway ..will have to wait to see how long these things work before i cancel my phone service.. also the customer service is awefull it's like fort knocks trying to reach someone.. if i get this thing and something goes wrong and i can't reach anyone i will loose it..

Anonymous said...

If you're having a problem registering try magic fix, do it exactly the way they say.
When you see the box for allow connection to all ports highlight it and enter. The default setting will be do not allow connection to ports (recomended) however for this device you need all ports open. I made that mistake initialy. I did finally get it up and running. It seems to work real well, especially for incoming calls. Outgoing calls from what I'm told are a little less clear. I'm still working on that. So far it looks good, definetly worth what little it cost. Don't give up!

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous "entrepreneur" who attacked people who said negative things about the Magicjack, I say this: Get a life and stop bashing people simply because you're so blinded by what you think is a great deal. You don't need to defend the device or its creators and you merely show how immature and ignorant you are in your own words.

Grow UP!!! There are pre-teen entrepreneurs out there who probably own you. You're nothing special just because you claim to be an entrepreneur. You're just unnecessarily offensive and rude to people who are merely expressing their opinions.

As for me, I'd rather use a real free service VOIP. This just gives you added stuff for what seems to me (considering the alternatives) a very high price. All it takes is simple research and you'd be able to make a decision for yourself!

Bob said...

Has anyone used a Majic Jack through a Wireless Aircard, Sprint or Verizon?

Anonymous said...

next person who sees this tell me if magic jack features and is it good inof to buy i'll check everday for a nwe comment

Jay Savage said...

The Magic Jack works good for me.
I use it for Dish Network so I don't get charged $5.99 every month.

Anonymous said...

Does it nessesary to power on your computer all the time to work Majic jack?

Anonymous said...

i ordered mine lastnite.. let you guys know my review later

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't recommend MJ to my worst enemy. I just spent four days trying to get it to work. I chatted for several hours to several chat "techs" (now I ask you... what kind of telephone service doesn't offer telephone tech help? That should have been my first clue right there). My main problem was the same as an above writer (once I set up my VM, it stopped working). The chat "techs" were no help at all, as a matter of fact, after their "help" I started getting error messages when I rebooted the MJ. They made false promises of escalation and priority help, but none was forthcoming. Plus, each time I contacted them, I had to start at the beginning because they had no records of any previous chats. All and all, probably the worst experience I have ever had with a product in my life. It's a great idea in theory, but the MJ people need to have actual help available, rather than some twit answering chat questions in a stock way by reading from a book and/or c & p'ing stock answers to chat. It's a shame too, because I really wanted this thing to work and I gave it more time, energy, and money than I would have under like situations.

reekieg said...

Placed order for MagicJack on Fri. 2/15, received it on Tues. 2/19 (Mon. was a holiday). Took a few minutes to setup. Made a couple of test calls and everything was clear as a bell!! Looking forward to a long and happy association with MagicJack!! Would definately recommend MJ to my friends and family.

Anonymous said...

To the above writer at 1:09 PM:

What exactly do you exprect for such a low price? Maybe a team of technical experts awaiting your questions? Do you think MagiJack is asking a favor of you to purchase their product for the low cost of the jack?

I think not and I would wager that they wished that you had never purchased the product. Do themand yourself a favor and go elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how to fax. I tried faxing through my fax machine attached to magic jack. but the receiving end does not get the fax at all. I have tried using different fax machines.



Masum said...

i got my magic jack today... to be honest its sound quality is awesome.. i have lingo voip.. i am thinking of keeping this as a second line.. good job magic jack !! at&t is in trouble

Mohammad said...

I recieved my MagicJack this morning. I followed the the short instal instructions and installed it. So far, it works well. I am happy about it and enjoying it!

Anonymous said...

The infomercial said "plug it in and start calling." It didn't happen. Tech had me in the registry allowing permission, deleting files, rebooting, but nothing worked. Would like to return but cannot get RMA # from them. They're saying they have no record of my purchase, but my credit card shows my purchase. Saw two more informercials today, both with different phone #s, and neither # is the # I used to order mine. My advice is "BUYER BEWARE!"

Anonymous said...

I make long distance calls all over the country, because of my business..Can anyone tell me their dealings with MJ when it comes to long distance calls?

If I have a problem with this item...the company will be dead in the water...I know too many ppl.

Anonymous said...

In Jan, 2008, I ordered on-line the Magic Jack. After receiving it, I tried to get it to work with poor results, even after about 4 hours back and forth with their chat help on-line.

I retured their product and they stopped the charges against our bank account.

Well, today, over a month later, they again charged our bank account?

I went to chat, and after about a hour of nonsense, they claimed I had ordered the item AGAIN...... Absolutely not true. I was very unhappy the first time and would NEVER have bought another one....

After getting a long run-around from them, I kept the chat and will wait until Monday (today is Feb 28) to see what happens.

They refused to give me their address.
They refused to give me their phone number.

The only way they could have a record of yet a SECOND order is:

(1) Computer error.
(2) Employee error.
(3) Some type of SCAM.......

I don't know which YET.....

I would like to hear from any others having a similar problem with them:

Anonymous said...

I have compared Magic Jack to Skype and can see virtue in Magic Jack. However, there is one thing I can see that might be cause for some concern.

With Skype, you are using your computer (or laptop) with a microphone and speakers of some sort. With Magic Jack the selling feature is that you can plug in any landline based telephone, and then use it through Magic Jack.

But what if you're on the road and you bring your laptop (and Magic Jack) with you into an Internet Cafe, or are trying to use it in some other public "hot spot"? Do you also have to carry a spare telephone with you to "plug in" to the Magic Jack? Or can Magic Jack be used (like Skype) with just the "soft-phone" that comes with the software when you plug in the USB connector?

If Magic Jack can also be used without having to physically plug-in a real telephone, then the product may be versatile enough to be used everywhere (literally).

I cannot find any such information explaining this on the Magic Jack web site...perhaps someone who has already purchased the product, and has used it for a while, will be able to answer this question.


Anonymous said...

I have a question about call fowarding. Can I forward my calls to say, my cell phone? Earlier somebody asked if you have to have your computer on all the time for MJ to work. Is that so?

Mr. T.

firuz said...

I have purchased my MajicJack right recently and it works perfectly even in a low internet connection likewise 54mbps.
Of course you can forward majicJack incomming calls to your cellphone too and its free not like skype. all you need to do is go through sign in at and forward your call to your desire cellphone.
To the indian guy who's used majik jack in its country and didn't work I was just wonder. Since it says on their adwertisement that you can talk in anywereelse in the world if you have one. Hope I will find my answer from people whom used majikjack in their country..

LNG CLAN said...

This is for the comment about "you still need a phone line to have the internet". You dont actually have to have a home phone line unless you have dsl. Cable internet is what i have and i dont have a home phone. so this would be a great solution for that. still thinking about getting one. sounds good though.

Anonymous said...

I have Vonage and would like to use Magic Jack. Can I transfer my existing number or will Magic Jack assign a new number to me?

Anonymous said...

In Reference to the " Service " issue, I am not sure there is any. I have not received my MJ as of yet. Called to confirm shipment and the " Blogger " on the other end knows nothing. It seems to me that, with national television recognition, somebody would know something. Can anyone shed some light on this subject?


JoCoWash said...

I am sure if you ask questions, you are bound to get them answered, if not from here, from the company itself, although from what I hear, they are not cooporating as much as one would like.

Those of you who are having problems, I hope they are resolved soon, and if they are not, please ask here and if I can't answer your question, I am sure one the readers will be of great help.

In the meantime, what are your biggest questions? Concerns? Experiences? Etc... I will compile a list of questions from you all within the next few weeks - an FAQ, and try to have them all answered for you. That will make it easier for those who are interested in a Magic Jack or already own one.


ClutchKargo said...

Just ordered one hopefully to replace my ATT Voip service. $20 a year compared to $24 a month is a no brainer.

However I do have questions:

1. Is MJ suppose to have fax capabilities?
2. Has someone succesfully set up Voice Mail, only seen people that have had problems posted here?
3. Can you select a phone number from a list, instead of just being assigned one?
4. When dialing out do you have to put in the area code?
5. Do they offer the $49.95 deal for 5 years again after the initial order and trial phase?


Anonymous said...

how do I get in touch with customer service?? what is their phone number?? if I do the 30-day free trial - how do I send it back (saw a few posts that they had issues and had to call the credit card to cancel)!!

JoCoWash said...

Great. These questions are being added to the list. Please be patient as I compile the list of questions and answers for all of you. Please look forward to an update to this post within the week! In the meantime, feel free to post any other questions that have not already been asked.


Anonymous said...

I purchased a Magic Jack and i can't seem to get it to work right. I installed in just fine but when i make calls there is no ring tone and the person on the other line can't hear me and visa vera... I guess you call it audio? Do i need a Powered USB port ? I can't seem to get a customer service number anywhere... any ideas out there?? you can send me a message at

thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

If you wish to make all of the jacks in your house "live" with any type of VOIP service you must first take your house "off line" from the original phone system. This is easy...on the outside of your home is an "interface box" that the original line comes into. Open this box and disconnect the plug from the jack . It will look identical or very similar to your standard phone plug. Thats it!! Then plug your Magic Jack or whichever VOIP service connection into any wall jack in your house and you are LIVE !!

Anonymous said...

I tried a magicjack and I'm not sure what the problem was, it only worked for 2 calls out of 10 calls.Trying to return it was a nightmare and getting your money back is even worse.

mal said...

Does anyone know who the manufacturer of the MagicJack adapter is?

Anonymous said...

i received mine and then realized it wasnt compatible with my computer. my fault, didnt check into it far enough. was gonna keep it anyway because i am getting a new computer.
they charged my debit card 2 weeks early, causing my account to be overdrawn. 32.00 for shipping, 32.00 for magic jack and 32.00 for another transaction that came in the same day. money was in account for shipping and other transaction, but not for the 46.90. they wont do anything about it, it isnt the banks fault so they wont do anything about, so i am screwed out of 96.oo. they refunded my 46.90, but it still cost me 96.00 for their mistake.
wouldnt recommend magicjack to my worst enemy. item might be ok, but customer service sucks!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Having a lot of trouble with my MJ lately. After sever "chat" sessions with mj they seem to be having trouble with their servers. I happen to have issues connecting with the proxy servers just after commute times (9 am ish and 6 P.M. ish). I am beginning to have a consern they do not have enough capacity. Anyone else having similar issues? I love the MJ concept and enjoyed it for the most part for a couple of months. But this last week...yikes.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if you can dial Toll free number i.e. 1-800, 1-866 or 1-877 using Majic Jack? I tried dialing toll free followed by Access Code (for conference) doesnt work :(

Anonymous said...

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Joe said...

Majic Jack is a SCAM! Customer support says the same thing everytime you contact them, I did four times. They run you through a bunch of ridiculous things to test and then say they will get back to you or at the end they hang up when you insist on a refund. They have no telephone numbers, no address. It is a phony and your publication is being used. I suspect that there is no customer support just a computerized response system that makes it appear you are talking to a real person. Don't fall for it!

Buck Beach said...

I also think this is a SCAM company. I have been trying to get my money back from them after almost 6 weeks from the date they received their 2 Magic Jacks back (4/4/2008) I have chatted with them 6 or 7 times and get the same answer of the "credit should be received within 5 days" everytime. I fully expect I wouldn't get my shipping charges back, but, these cheaters won't credit me for my almost $80.00 for the two items.

Buck Beach said...

Add me to the super unhappy with this SCAM company. OK I understand that not every product works with every computer HOWEVER I CAN'T GET THEM TO CREDIT ME FOR THE TWO MAGIC JACKS I PURCHASED.

I have a confirmed delivery that they received them back on 4/4/08.
I have contacted them 6 or 7 times and get the same answer after 20 or 30 minutes of verifying my purchase and return each time "you should get your account credited within the next 5 days"

Everybody please beware you will be cheated out of your purchase price (note I did not say shipping charges) if for some reason the product doesn't work. Use your computer and cam to get better more reliable service.

eugene said...

i ordered a magic jack it was shipped on march 3rd and i have not gotten it yet they allready have my money and it was paid on 4 15 08 and i never got it i have gone to the live chat and they tell me it is not possibil that they have my money and i do not have a magic jack but it is so what can i do about it who can i email to get this stratined out

Anonymous said...

I received magic jack about 3 weeks back. Since then I have been trying my best to get it working. No hope. The calls go through. But the voice quality drops very bad breaking the voice into small pieces.

The operating system is Windows Vista. I used magic jack website to upgrade to Vista as well. But no use. Any help please?

Anonymous said...

If you use your debit card they take the money right away just insist on speaking to a manager and tell them there is no warning on the site for this. They should credit the money back to your account. Taking your money up front and telling you that when you return the product you get your money back is not a free trial..that's a return policy lol.

Anonymous said...

I got my Magicjack today and it took about 2 minutes to get it up and running. Sounds great, I have the top tier broadband service to my house and the sound is outstanding. I plugged my wireless phone(s) into the magic jack and now get phone service to all phones in the house, which is a base headset and three extensions, they all sound great. I installed the magic jack on a dedicated PC that I use in our bedroom to stream movies and the quality is awesome. I suggest this procedure for anyone serious about getting the best possible connection, of course it is all depending on your ISP and the speed of your broadband. I have 7 PC's in my house connected both by cable and wireless, including a XBOX 360 and a nintendo Wii. I also have a NAS device on my home network. I tried to make it fail by using all devices at once and it still prevailed. Awesome device, I went back and bought 4 more for the family. Two thumbs up. My total saving after disconnecting the local phone is going to be $45+ each month.

Anonymous said...

I recived my magic Jack and I tried to make a calls but doesn't work correctly. It is to slow for conect, actually sometimes doesn't conect. I need to unpluged and conect again. I tried with the magic fix but nothing happend.
My e-mail is:

Anonymous said...

as much as the rave about this majik jack sounds, I have not received mine since i ordered it in the month of March.Are you sure it is the same product we are all talking about or do you think I have been "HAD","DUBBED" OR MORE
appropriately "SWIPPED?"

from: very unsure

Anonymous said...

Magic Jack is made to be thrown away like paper plates?

I purchases my magic jack on april 5, 2008. It worked fine until may 25th. (hmmmm just over 30 days)

First it started going down now and then, but if I unplugged it and plugged it back in, I could get it working again. Now it wont work at all, windows gives me an error message that the usb device I am trying to plug in has malfunctioned. Ive tried it on other computers and the thing just doesnt work anymore. My son is an IT Tech and we tried everything possible in windows to do the fix, and nothing.

Now the fun begins. I open a live chat with customer service and they have me try all of these things and give me links that dont take me anyplace but to their progaganda page. I asked and got higher levels of help (five to be exact) who all started from the same place like they were reading a script. They put me through several steps and nothing worked. I could not get across to any of them that the thing had malfunctioned. It is now going on four hours of chatting onlline with these people and one of them even told me that NOT ONE MAGIC JACK HAS EVER FAILED. Out of the millions sold, mine was the only defective one???

I finally get to number six, and he agrees to replace the jack. He said it was on its way to me and to send the defective one back within two weeks. Yay, finally someone is helping me. I asked him the address to send it back, and he said it would be in the confirmation email. It was not. After I got the email, I realized that he put in an order for a new one…..with a new credit card charge. I responded to these emails and told them I was not paying 40.00 every 40 days to use this thing. They will not issue me a working jack until I give them a new credit card. (Thank goodness I changed the level of my original card since purchase or they would have already charged me again).

Now we are on day three, I go back online and immediately ask for a supervisor. She tells me that they wont replace it because my 30 days have expired. I immediately went into CAPS LOCK and demanded a full refund plus the two years of service in advance I paid for. IT IS DEFECTIVE, IT STOPPED WORKING. She finally sent me a link that didnt take me back to the propaganda page and was a return form.

I am taking this thing to the post office today, but after this past three days experience with them so far, I doubt this is going to be smooth sailing the rest of the way. I was paying 40.00 per month for a phone and so far this thing has cost me 70.00 and they want another 40.00.

Now lets get back on tv and tell the world what kind of a mess this company really is. They put out the product so fast and do not back it up AT ALL.

And worked just fine for a short time. You will start to see more and more of this kind of complaint.

A MESSAGE TO THE INVENTOR: Dont try to sell something on such a mass basis unless you have the customer service to back it up.

Seems to me like this guy just took the money and ran.

Anonymous said...

Per my last post on 6-2 at 7:01 pm.

I found the email address of Dan Borislow and wrote to him. He apologized and said he would send me out a new magic jack programmed with my number at no charge. Ive already mailed back the old one so now its just a wait and see. I also found a physical address for the company and a list of management personel. They had to file tariffs for each state, and all of that is public information and can be found on the internet.

YIRGALEM said...

hoe can i get magic jacs

Anonymous said...

There are a few nagging problems. One is that anytime anyone uses the phone a box opens up on your computer. This is a pain if you're in the middle of using your word processor or excel etc..
Another problem is that it uses up resources. If you don't have alot of memory then you may have problems.
If the window is minimized then you can't dial a contact from phone memory. You need to first hit talk on your phone and establish a dial tone.
If you plan on using the device for faxes then forget it. It doesn't work with your fax. I was hoping that since the calls were free that I could use it to fax, I was wrong.
When your computer restarts it takes alot of time to initialize the device.
You need to keep your computer on and disable the hibernation and power saving features of your PC to have incoming calls.
It's a great way to save your cell minutes and it's worth the money.

Anonymous said...

There is no 30 day trial. They took the money out of my account within days.

Skippy said...

I have had one for two months, as a tech, the only complaint that I have is that there is no uninstall program available for it yet, so if you want to be able to remove it completely, I'd suggest making an image file of your computer's drive.

Other than that, I have had no problems, they just got DTMF working correctly so now I can use touchtone data services.

If you do have voice quality problems and their magicfix doesn't work, go to and do a reverse lookup on your MJ number and see who owns it (My MJ nuumber is tapped into Verizon), if your lucky you should see a real phone company, if not, you may see level3 communications.

Number porting will be available shortly. Faxing is sometimes possible but not guaranteed (you need to play with the fax speed and baud rate until you find a combo that works.)

Remember, MJ is still beta and I do expect some problems down the road even though I don't have any now.

The company who is producing the MJ is the same company that produced the SJ Sip Softphone.

I won't give it a 100% rating quite yet, about an 88.5 at the present.

Last note: They did update their site to find the return link and also, I used a debit card and got the free trial (You have to read EVERYTHING very carefully during the whole ordering process and make aget charged upon order submission.)

I've had a pretty decent experience, of course YMMV.


Anonymous said...

Magic- dissappointing. People had difficulty hearing me in spite of upgrading the software, using different headsets and phones and trying different settings. Maybe I will try it again based upon different comments I've read here. Perhaps I got a bad device, who knows. I do know that when I did a side by side comparison to Skype that Skype won in terms of sound quality and least amount of voice delay. Unfortunately it's more expensive for the same features as MJ. I tried my best but I don't have a great opinion of magic jack.

Anonymous said...

I would like to say that I had the same problem one guy said upthere, I had it for 2 month then it stoped working for no reason that I can explain, it wont star, the computer wont recognize it, etc. I tried the tech service witch took me a while to find since they have not phone # you can call, and all these clown did was make me wasted 3 hours of my time, just like the other commenter said, they promised me a replacement and sent me an email with another 40$ i have to pay to get the replacement, just like the other guy says right here, I cancelled I am just praying God they do not charge me because I trheaten them about calling my lawers. I IS THE SAME SCAM.

Is like they say "if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is"

Let's call Dateline with NBC and have put these people on the public spot.

Buck Beach said...

And now there is PeanutJack. Give me a break. Sure it is same ripoff people.

lena f said...

I purchased the majicjack in march, at the end of may when i still didn't get it i tried to call them. after 15 phone calls and about an hour i finally reached a useless person who was not listening to anything i said and repeated the same questions over and over. i hung up and kept calling back till i got someone else and asked for a supervisor, this person hung up on me. the next time i got through i got the supervisor and they said it was sent to the wrong address. a week later i finally got it and plugged it in, set up my voicemail and gave out the number however i didn't have a phone to use with it. i bought one a week later and didn't try to use it for another week. when i did it wouldn't work so i used their online chat. another useless thing after 5 hours and 3 supervisors later i was finally told it was not compatable with verizon dsl!!!!!!!! no one thought that may be the problem in 5 HOURS OF WORK??? now they said i can return it but they don't know if i'll get a refund because its past the 30 days since my purchase and they refuse to give me an address to send a complaint other than the return address for the device.


Anonymous said...

Customer service sucks!! Only live chat!! Was on it for 2 hours and couldn't resolve my problem. Phone will not dial my local area code. It worked fine for 30 days. You think they would offer to send new Magic Jack. No, they say they will check into it. Could be days, without local dialing. Long distance works fine.

Anonymous said...

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Mark said...


I'm seeing a lot of negative stuff so I figured I'd set the record straight. First, magic jack offers lots of information and troubleshooting if your device doesn't register. It may be as simple as switching to a different usb port. Mine was a simple upgrade. Since then I have been using magic jack regularly and am so pleased with the service that I'm seriously considering dropping my regular phone company. After all, I have a cell phone. I just need to find out if my phone company will kill the dial tone if I turn off my service with them.

Once again, read the information on their website. It's pretty clear. I've had no problems, whatsover, with my magic jack and the phone calls are crystal clear. I did upgrade the phone I was connecting. I had been using an old phone for magic jack and couldn't use the keypad. I had to use the soft keys for magic jack to dial. Well, I switched the phone out and the quality of call improved dramatically and I can dial with the phone keypad now.

Magic Jack is a voip company's worst nightmare. It's just gonna get better and who can beat $20/yr?

Anonymous said...

it would be good to see the city\state from reviewers

Maggie said...

We received ours (2) and after following directions - made several calls to family. All said that they either couldn't hear me at all or that the sound was breaking up very badly. This happened on incoming as well. After so much annoyance - I decided to look online regarding this product and was shocked to see so many complaints. There were many complaints about the ease / or LACK of about the performance - I figure some of that is user error - but there were lots of complaints about charges being put through BEFORE the end of the free 30-day trial AND for amounts lots more than $39.95. Some were charged for over $150. There were also lots of comments regarding poor customer service and nightmares getting a refund. I called my bank to determine if a charge had been put through and since there hadn't been - canceled the card used since I am planning on returning both sets in the next few days - well before the end of the free 30-day trial.


Anonymous said...

For anyone wanting to use this with a dishnetwork receiver. Note that MagicJack never completed their comments with me. They just left me hanging. \I have a dishnetwork DVR 522 receiver/recorder and according to Dish Network it must at all times be hooked up to a phoneline or I will be charged $5.99 per month. I have tried and failed to get magicjack to work with this unit to avoid those charges but when I test the DVRphone it says "connection failed no dial tone". I keep trying the line with a phone with a regular phone and the dial tone is there. I have no problems with my magicjack. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions as to what I might be doing wrong?
Back to top
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Joined: 30 Jul 2008
Posts: 4

PostPosted: Wed Jul 30, 2008 4:50 pm Post subject: Reply with quote Edit/Delete this post
This is an update to my question and comes from Magic Jack.

Paolo: Hello, how may I help you?

: I have a dishnetwork DVR 522 receiver/recorder and according to Dish Network it must at all times be hooked up to a phoneline or I will be charged $5.99 per month. I have tried and failed to get magicjack to work with this unit to avoid those charges but when I test the DVR it says no dial tone. I keep trying the line with a phone and the dial tone is there. I have no problems with my magicjack. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions as to what I might be doing wrong?

Paolo: I am sorry to know that you are encountering problems using magicJack. Let me assist you with this.

Paolo: You did nothing wrong with it .

Paolo: We apologize for the inconvenience but recorder or a receiver is not compatible or supported with the magicjack device Dolores.

: Thank you. I am sure it works as I have read some forums where people have switched to MagicJack to satisfy Dish Network. On test my dvr is keeps say phone connection failed, no dial tone.

Paolo: Is there anything else I may help you with today?

: Please contact some other agents as this will work. I just need to know how. Too many other people have successfully done this.

Paolo: Would you want me to transfer you to our Senior Support they can best help you with your concern, and can provide you with more information with your issue, .

: Yes thank you.

Paolo: Thank you for your patience. I will transfer you to a higher level of support. Please hold while I transfer you.

Chat InformationPlease wait while I transfer the chat to the best suited site operator.

Chat InformationYou are now chatting with 'Amy'

: Hello

Amy: , please allow me to review your chat.

: I power up my home when I hook the phone line from my magic jack to the house, same as I did with Vonage. Everything works fine except the DVR is not apparently recognizing the dial tome.

Amy: Thank you for holding.

Amy: , is this with regards to your Dish Network?

: The Dish Network DVR is not recognizing a dial tone is coming thru the line. Sometimes it does work but if I try it 10 times maybe 2 out of ten it works. It is not realizing it is hooked up to a phoneline.

: Dishnetwork is quick to say it does not work with Voip but for the past 3 years I have had it hooked up to Vonage and it worked fine. I am sure they just want a person to be able to get pay per view movies.

Amy: , this is because magiacJack will not work with DishNetwork.
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Joined: 30 Jul 2008
Posts: 4

PostPosted: Wed Jul 30, 2008 4:58 pm Post subject: Reply with quote Edit/Delete this post Delete this post
Up date--- Magic Jack left their chat window up but would not anser any more of my questions re: this problem.

Anonymous said...









Anonymous said...

They are cheaters and thief's. I won't go into my whole story again, but in short I returned two Magic Jacks that would not work. I had fully paid for them and they would not return my money. I fought the battle for over 3 months. I know I won't see a dime of my money but I won't miss an opportunity to tell folks what crooks they are. Also watch out for Peanut Jack.

Anonymous said...

Having had such a bad experience with these crooks in getting my money back, I truely believe that most of the positive comments here are from company shills. Please folks don't be fooled into losing your money.

Anonymous said...

got my mj pluged it in no volume, sent it back. anyone else have this problem. hj

Anonymous said...

From my personal experience MAJICJACK is a scam. My credit card has been authorized, but not charged......YET!!! I ordered the jack on 8/11/08 and requested express mail service for an additional $3.95. I received an e-mail that the unit was shipped, and got a tracking # to check on The address on the confirmation e-mail from MAJICJACK was correct. On 8/14/08, when checking the progress of my shipment, said that the unit was sent to an undeliverable address. Now I don't have a phone# to contact anyone, and though I paid extra, the jack still has not arrived as of 8/22/08.
Sound exactly like a SCAM !!!!

Anonymous said...

I have had my magic jack for about 2 weeks now. At first, I had some problems with it, but figured out it was the phone I was using. (I was using a very old Bell South phone). To address the questions on the site, I tried plugging one end of a phone cord into the magic jack, and another end into the wall jack. I then plugged a phone into another jack in the house, and it did indeed work.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if you can use a fax with this line????
and does it work with an air card like sprint???

Zach said...

Been having problems. Sound keeps turning off in other devices, it uses IE, it like to turn off at random, and there isn't any customer service i've found. i would like some help

Anonymous said...


FOX75 said...


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I also have been told, after coming back from a 3 week trip, that due to unusual call volume, I must call 214 884 5124. It initially said the mailbox was full. After speaking "live" with 5 people, all with different opinions, none of which helped, they told me the engineers were going to fix the problem, that I should call the 214 number within an hour or 2. It's been a week of trying constantly. The phone disconnects before it begins to ring, or there is a busy signal. What a bloody ripoff!

Anonymous said...

now also available in radioshack

Anonymous said...

I have had MJ for a few months and I like it for the most part. I had problems with voicemail not picking up, and I contacted customer service live chat and they gave me the updates, and now it is fine. If you have XP, you need to get updates or you will have problems.

Anonymous said...

I had a run with them at first but now it works fine. Here's how I resolved my issue. The problem was for a couple days I couldn't make or receive calls. I was asked to reboot a couple times. After being so frustrated with it not working I decided to do some troubleshooting on my own. I found out when you go into My Computer there are two magicjack icons. The first is for the operation of the telephone and the second is a record of calls made from your phone. What I would do is select the "safely remove hardware" in the toolbar and identify both drives magicjack appears on. I selected this and unplugged it from my computer counting up to 20. After reconnecting it, I allowed it to reboot on its own. Sometime I would get an error message sometimes I wouldn't. After it would reboot on its own, I would go into My Computer and select the first drive icon magicjack appears on (i.e., drive E/F, I would select the E drive). The unit would reboot again. Once it finished the phone would work first and then most times work great (without echo, etc.).

The reason I went through this was because I would turn my computer off every night because the fan was too loud. I have since then replaced the fan and have had very little problem with the unit since. THE ONLY THING TO FIGURE OUT NOW IS how to connect Dish Network into the configuration so I'm not charged the $5.00 monthly fee. Anybody know the answer?

Anonymous said...

I have used Magic Jack since May 2007. I have just gotten the kinks out of it recently and it still is not without flaw. My biggest problem is there is no one to speak to about the problems. They offered a free replacement to see if it was the Jack itself. They then billed me again. So far, I have paid $80.00 for one jack. FYI. Don't want to see anyone walk into this without knowing what you are dealing with. No phone number for Magic Jack.

Lolock said...

My majik jack has been working without any glitches for four months. i have broadband in the basement & a the main cordless phone plugged. Multiple handsets on the first floor and second floor work flawlessly. note that I am using a cordless phone with multiple handsets. I sometimes just use my computer's mic and speakers. Hope never to encounter the issues some of you have.

Anonymous said...

I have had a Magic Jack for 7 months now. The biggest problems have been solved by plugging the Magic Jack into a powered USB hub. It turns out that my computer's USB did not have enough power to run the Magic Jack right but since I have connected to the hub, it has been smooth sailing.

Anonymous said...

I have a cell phone through MetroPCS. The phone allows me unlimited USA calling from within most of the state I live in. I got the magic jack mostly to see if and how well it works. I used it to call Canada, and the quality was awesome. I use it frequently when I can't find my cell phone and when I am sitting at the computer and my cell phone is charging in my bed room. I am a believer. So far.

I will be moving to Asia in February and at that point I will see if it is really all it claims to be. I will have 8mbit/2mbit DSL so I should theoretically be able to call the famdamnily back in the US with no cost and excellent call quality.

No they won't give you the codec. it is proprietary. This isn't TeamSpeak, ventrillo, or Xfire

Anonymous said...

I ordered magic jack on Sunday. Today is Thursday and I am waiting for my delivery. The promotion stated that I did not have to pay but they immediately took money from my credit card. Once I get it in the mail, I will look at it and see how things work and post my comments again on this website.

If for some reason there is a problem that is so horrible as people say here, I am sure there is a lawyer looking at this to file a class action against the company for based on some of the comments people have stated.

I'll keep you posted...

Anonymous said...

I'm using Magic Jack right now. To be truthful its not perfect but it works. When I am talking to someone there may be a slight static or echo but i can hear what the other person says. If you want crystal clear quality go ahead and use Vonage but if you want to save a lot of money but maybe sacrifice some quality Magic Jack is perfect

Anonymous said...

If anyone can help that would be great :)

I can not get MJ to work on my computer. Once I plug it in my computer freezes. I tried tech support and they just said my computer is not compatible, but I also bought one for my mom who has the same computer and hers works fine. We also brought hers over to my place and it still works. So it’s not my internet. I have Norton so I disabled it and my firewall for installing and still nothing. I then downloaded the program I got from a MJ tech, (the one that downloads when you plug in MJ)and it still freezes. Once I unplug MJ, all that I was trying to do while it was frozen opens up or works.

I am using a Dell with XP about 5 yrs old, P4 CPU 2.80 ghz, 1.5 gb of ram and have 14.3 gb hard drive space free.

Any ideas? Thanks and happy holidays!

Anonymous said...

I hope the inventor will make a Magic Jack to eliminate having to use my landline to access the internet. Would save me tons of money !!!

sexy said...








Anonymous said...

Okay - I've done it.. I just plugged in my new Magic Jack. After reading all the good and bad on this, I am frankly holding my breath. So far so good..going to try a call and see what happens..

Anonymous said...

I bought two, the first one stopped working after an update, the second one is working fine, I tried to send the first one back since chatting did not help and did not get an answer. I hope we all together can get an answer.
Thanks JoCoWash.

Anonymous said...

Work great for me, I still have the landline but my wife is always on the phone, so I connect the magic jack and whala!.
plus I send one to my family over sea, I can call the any time and they can call all the US with out paying internationals cals.
work lake a charm. to me it's lake magic for my walet.

Anonymous said...

I have had MJ for almost a year and it is useless. It was notvworking right and I thought it was my PC so I bought a new one. No luck. All calls out sound like I am talking through a kazoo. Can't fax with it. Calls inbound seem OK but the number I was issued was from some deadbeat who ran out on his car payments and they won't stop calling. The concept is good but needs work. I can't recommend it.

Raju said...

I bought a MJ last june and tested it out here in California. Then I sent it to my brother in India who has high speed. He is able to call me anytime he wants. It is like a local call and very clear, Saves me $30 every month. I bought another MJ last week and tested it and am sending that to my inlaws house in India. Bye- Bye international calls bills.

AnonymousEnt said...

For those NOT wanting to be "charged" on your credit card - Here's the plan ........

First .... don't buy @ - buy it from Best Buy or RadioShack .... yes you DO have to purchase it BUT MagicJack DOES NOT HAVE your credit card info / that way you won't be DOUBLE charged like some claim they were.

Second ..... its only $40 bucks for a year ..... TRY IT OUT / WORK THE BUGS OUT .... if it doesn't work then ITS ONLY A YEAR SERVICE. Device works better if you have updated Windows , updated anti virus & spam blockers, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY - FAST INTERNET SERVICE .... if you have slow internet then dont expect MagicJack to be great for you. If you like then do step three.

Three .... get a pre-paid Visa from Walgreens , Wal Mart, etc. ...... use this card to pay your YEARLY FEE with MagicJack ... yes there is a $5 a month fee or so BUT IT'S BETTER THAN GIVING OUT YOUR " REAL " CREDIT CARD .... I don't even give out my real card on Ebay. LOAD THE CARD with only as much as you need to do the transaction - they can't CHARGE MULTIPLE TIMES for what you haven't put on the card.


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

ATTENTION MagicJack shoppers in India - You can buy it in Mumbai from authorised dealer - Rs 3500 (all duties, shipment etc. is paid for).

Anonymous said...

My friend in America sent me a Magic Jack. I live in Australia.
It works GREAT. You need a cable modem connection, DSL is not so good down under here. We pay for data usage, so it still costs money to use a lot of data over here, but I get 20 calls a month in, and have not gone over my 20gig a month plan with telstra.
So magic jack is awesome. I attached a cordless phone to it, and I can walk around the house, cordless and talk on the phone, just like a real phone. I call it my AMERICAN phone, cause all my calls are to and from the USA.

Anonymous said...

I have two questions about magic jack...

Firstly, I dont have a credit card and cant afford to have one, so is there a phone number to call, or some way to pay for it thru pay check or money order??

and Secondly, Is it free to call from my magic jack from USA to a person with magic jack in India? Like if I buy one of them for my parents in india then can I talk to them for free?

plz respond!

Anonymous said...

ok first off i posted annonymous for ease of posting. cant stand all these different sites to post on with all sign up stuff.
on to the magicjack, my friend sent me a link to go to the site
i watched the video and realized it was too good to be true, just seemed it. like an infomercial at like 2am on tv. also what the hell, are people F@@#@ing retarded, really did anyone esles not notice the same damn statment posted like 5 times in a row, i haveused the magic jack for two moneths but didnt want to give it up, comon people its a faked comment. use ur head. i cant belive people just buy into this shit. to get a better education on whats goin on in the world of online and tech and how it effects ur world . people shold start listening to the CNET buzz out loud podcast, i have learned a lot from that. just start doing research, however is easiest for u. knowledge is power, but only if u enjoy learning it. by the way i beleive that magic jack is a scam. good luck

Anonymous said...

I purchased two MJ about 8 months ago & am very pleased.
One MJ I use solely for a FAX line. I had problems with it when I fist got it dropping calls & not being able to FAX out.(the receiving Fax wouldn’t connect.) I have several things connected to the USB ports, keyboard, mouse, scanner, external DVD writer, printers, flash drives etc. I connected a powered USB hub and all my problems went away. The one for my FAX did fail about 2 months ago. I called TS and after going thru their routine of things to try, they transferred me to the ‘next level’ of support. After a few more tests, it was determined the MJ was bad and they said they would sent me a new one. I asked them if I could keep the old MJ phone #. They told me to contact them when I received the replacement and before installing it. I received the replacement just in 2 days. I contacted TS and they walked me thru porting my old phone number into the new one. It is still working fine. My second MJ is on a different computer and has worked fine except for one time. This happened when a friend unplugged the MJ while it was powered up. The next time I powered up the computer, it did not recognize and load the MJ. This was easily fixed by reloading the MJ software. The MJ should be treated like a flash drive. Only remove it when power is off or the MJ is dismounted.
Reloading the MJ software is easy;
(1)With computer power off, remove the MJ from the USB port.
(2) Turn computer on with out the MJ installed.
(3) With Windows Explorer locate the “mjusbsp” folder and delete the folder. On XP Pro it’s located in C:\Documents and Settings\Welcome\Application Data\mjusbsp.
(4) Restart the computer.
(5) Once the desktop is up, plug the MJ back in. Your computer should see a new USB device is installed and load the MJ software.
I kept my original phone line. I needed it for the Internet connection & the house alarm. (I did reduce it to basic service & have saved a ton of $$$)
AS I said before, I am very pleased not paying all those local tolls & long distance charges!!! MJ paid for its self the first week I used it.

Anonymous said...

To Lena F: I have Verizon DSL and the Magic Jack works fine. Guess they weren't able to solve your problem, so they told you this for one of two reasons. Either they are incompetent, or they just wanted to get rid of you.

I thought this was too good to be true. After reading all of the comments, I feel like I need to send this back before the end of the 30-day trial.

Anonymous said...

hey guys the magicjack works perfectly in india and i have been using the service for the past year, the call quality is fantastic and its a great value for money deal considering the next cheapest option to call any USA number comes in at abt 5rs/min i.e 10cents a min.....

to mr.anonymous, u can call up ur parents for free and so can they call u up from india for free....

u wud require a credit card to purchase one htough or buy it from a radioshack dude!

Anonymous said...

I bought the MJ - using XP or Vista it does work but does have issues - the major one being lack of customer service of any substance. also no reall caller ID with name even if you create an address book entry in SoftPhone as the chat folks suggest - this is more of an irritant than a real problem. it is noisy - when it answers calls - It can work but does have some real limitations so if you get or make a lot of calls it's not a good idea yet. I returned mine and other than the frustration of their chat help did not have any real issues with getting credit. If you want to chat about it my id is glad to talk in a constructive manner.

dw said...

MajicJack does work well. Verizon on the other hand....
I learned that Verizon blocks MajicJack coming and going. Our friends on Verizon cannot call us and we cannot call them. Yes you get dial tone and can call out but nothing happens thereafter. If you call MJ from a Verizon land line you get a fast busy signal. The ripoff here isn't MJ but once again is Verizon

Anonymous said...

Re: 30 Day Free Trial - Do not use a debit/check card as your bank will immediately put a 30 day hold on the $39.99. There is no way for the Magic Jack to prevent this. Unlike true credit cards, this is a problem that debit/check cards have when they are used to sign up for free trials.

Re: Using Magic Jack with other phone outlets. The only way to get Magic Jack to work with all of your wired outlets is to connect its phone line to where the main line connects to all of the other phones. This amounts to using it to replace the previous incoming land line. The other possibility is to plug a multiple outlet (splitter) into it. Then run phone cords from it to your other phones. They make splitters with 2, 3, and even more outlets on them.

Re: Phone Does Not Ring - Some comments on other sites indicate that a phone connected via a line that is more than six feet long might not ring. Also click on the Magic Jack's Menu to make certain that Do Not Disturb does not have a check next to it. If it does, click on it to remove the check. On a two phone system that includes wireless handsets, it is not ringing the phones. A possible solution is to plug a line splitter into the Magic Jack, and then plug a regular phone with a short cord (6 feet or less) into it, and one of the cords from the 2 line phone into the splitter's other outlet.

Anonymous said...

my sister in NY told me about MJ. she wanted to send me one. im in the philippines. will it work here since it uses broadband connection?

Anonymous said...

I read all over the web it was a flakey product but thought I would try it since Walmart was carrying it. They are getting mine back tomorrow. It would randomly bounce back and fourth answering between my recorded greeting and a generic system generated greeting. I have a business and can’t have that. I worked with 4 techs on four tries to fix this and it still did this. When you have phone service, it has to work and be reliable. Magic Jack is a good concept, but it doesn’t work reliably. They have too many bugs still. This product is not ready for Walmart level distribution.

Anonymous said...

I live in UK so i cant order from US but i found mine at and love my magicjack.
I have saved so mutch money on it.

JV said...

All I have to about MagicJack is do not get it. I lost about $150 trying to make it work with there Techs direction. do not ask for refund you won't get any on your 5yr or your CC prepay.

Anonymous said...

I purchased MJ from a Walgreens pharmacy in Jackson MI. I took it home and installed it. Sounded good at first. Then made the first call and after a few minutes I was getting lots of static. I wiggled the usb connection and it went away. Then I couldn't hear the other person but they could hear me. I tried three different phones, 2 different computers and all of the usb ports on both. Everytime we used it we got dropped. I used the interactive chat they have setup and installed the updated software. Just really no help with anything we did with it so we took it back to the pharmacy and they gave us back our money. They stopped selling them, to many people bringing them back. I now see CVS pharmacy's selling them. I was just frustrated with the product, but do think it's a great idea. To bad it really doesn't work that good. I think the positive postings here are employees of MJ.

Ashley said...

I have had the Magic Jack for a few months now and am putting in a landline instead. In the beginning it was great, everything worked. Now, the USB plug in peice comes unsaudered and the thing is completely useless, I have exchanged it 3 times since I have had it. It is constantly dropping calls, static, and people who try to call cannot get through and shows no missed calls when there are some. (I have called myself from another phone and it did not appear on the screen at all) It is very appealing if it would just work well enough to rely on it as a sole phone line.

US2MyTown said...

We are the authorized resellers of magicjack outside US. We ship magicJack to anywhere in the world. For further details contact us at or visit us at

Anonymous said...

I save over $60 dollar a month with Magic Jack. I dropped my land line phone. I hated my land line phone because most of my calls were solicitation. One word of caution is never hook a fax machine up to the Magic Jack. Somehow it screws up the Magic Jack. After a few weeks, I was able to get a replacement for free. Another requirement for Magic Jack is having reliable DSL and a computer with enough memory and speed. If you want to save money buy the Magic Jack today.


parmi said...

Whats wrong with all these people bashing MagicJack for? Its 39.99 , same amount you spend on 5 days of McDonalds so just try it and if you don't like it then throw it away or mail it to me.

Anonymous said...

I am thinking of getting Magic Jack but need an answer to this question first. My primary use would be to call into conference calls that require me to enter a code. (Which is another version of the scenario where at automated answering system tells you to press 1 for English, press 2 for whatever, etc). Can Magic Jack handle this? (I read a comment somewhere that says Magic Jack will multiply any 'extra' digits -that is, numbers that are not actually part of the phone number -by 2 which messes everything up.) that

llharmon007 said...

I have had magicjack for about 2 months everthing works fine no static I have the magic jack plugged into my desktop which has a wireless router attached. Why is it when iam on the phone my laptop looses siginal the desktop works fine can anyone help me if anyone can be of assistance email me at

Anonymous said...

Magic Jack works great for me. However, I cannot call toll free i.e. 1-800, 1-877, 1-888, etc. This question has been asked before but nobody responded. How do you make toll free calls on magic jack. I need to make a decision to return the kit because of this problem. Thans

Jason Alvarez said...


Hmm, that's strange about the 1-800 calls. What exactly does the magicJack do when you try to make these calls? Have you tried not putting a 1 in front of it? (ie, 888, or 800)

Let me know when you get a chance and I can definitely help further.

Anonymous said...

For those NOT wanting to be "charged" on your credit card - Here's the plan ........

First .... don't buy @ - buy it from Best Buy or RadioShack .... yes you DO have to purchase it BUT MagicJack DOES NOT HAVE your credit card info / that way you won't be DOUBLE charged like some claim they were.

Second ..... its only $40 bucks for a year ..... TRY IT OUT / WORK THE BUGS OUT .... if it doesn't work then ITS ONLY A YEAR SERVICE. Device works better if you have updated Windows , updated anti virus & spam blockers, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY - FAST INTERNET SERVICE .... if you have slow internet then dont expect MagicJack to be great for you. If you like then do step three.

Three .... get a pre-paid Visa from Walgreens , Wal Mart, etc. ...... use this card to pay your YEARLY FEE with MagicJack ... yes there is a $5 a month fee or so BUT IT'S BETTER THAN GIVING OUT YOUR " REAL " CREDIT CARD .... I don't even give out my real card on Ebay. LOAD THE CARD with only as much as you need to do the transaction - they can't CHARGE MULTIPLE TIMES for what you haven't put on the card.


I've had mine over A YEAR .... does a great job ( if u know what u are doing & get the updates for it ) .......

North Plam Homes said...

I love Magicjack. It seems to work better on my Laptop with Vista. Not sure if that matters.

Anonymous said...

I got my magicjack from VOIP Marketing & Sales and i love my MJ.
Using it i will save so mutch money on it..go here if you want to buy becosue the service was great.

Rita Evelyn said...

I LOVE magicJack. I ordered it on a whim -- never even heard of it (don't watch TV, just bumped into an ad). The calls are perfect. It can be connected to a FAX machine! I haven't sent fax yet but but I'm going to soon. I can use it with my bluetooth headset, and I'm trying to figure out right now if I can use a "dead" bluetooth cell phone as a handset. :) I highly recommend it.

Christine said...

I have had MF for a couple of years and love it. BUT the jack doesn't stay connected to the computer - ever little bump on my desk and the blue light goes out and I have to unplug, replug and let the thing reload As though the jack is too small for the slot on my computer. Solutions?

Anonymous said...

Right, sometime's you do need to remove the Magic Jack. Use SAFELY REMOVE COMMAND before removing it and you will save some headaches. If you forget, then unplug Magic Jack, go in and delete the drive the magic jack is on. When installed Magic Jack creates 2 drives. Delete the first one and leave the other. turn computer off for minute or so and restart. When everything is on, then plug Magic Jack back in and it will go out, update itself, recreate the drive you deleted and reinstall itself on that drive. It seems like their techs should know this, but I couldn't find it anywhere. Imagine that ???

Anonymous said...

I got my majic jack in the mail yesterday, got it going , worked good,then after a few different people saw my new phone number and thought I should change it because of the numbers in it. So I went about changing, costing me another 20 bucks( price of the number and the price of changing it)!!! Now the darn thing won't work and my number doesnt show up on the little on screen box either. I was asked to choose the number I wanted to use so I chose the one to which I had just switched but it won't work. Do I have to registeragain and if so how? I haven't seen anything that would let me reregister. Anywaythanks

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous: Have you connected with the magic jack live chat guys? They helped me out awhile ago when I was having a few issues with my device.. Something to look into!

t said...

In my opnion, MagicJack sucks. I have been using it MORE than 3 months. But, the phone service is stupid. Sometimes it works, but my internet is a network with more than 2 computers. And if one person is loading something or downloading something, MagicJack gets sensitive and lags. You'd hear someone speaking and randomly pause every few seconds, making it hard to understand. And even when my MagicJack updates, it's still staticy even if the connection is extremely good. The voices will seem futher away, or it'll sound strange and monsterous. So far, the only thing good is the savings, since I can't afford much else.