Sunday, May 13

Safe Mail

When I check my mail, there isn't a question in my mind whether some of it has been stolen. I take what I get and place it on the table to read later. But could someone actually be taking my mail? I read stories that mail thieves have stolen mail and gotten credit card numbers, social security numbers, subscriptions, etc. It makes me wonder...

I'm not sure if I will go to the extreme to hire a 24-hour watchmen like I hear some people do, but I might invest in another mailbox--A heavy duty Medford Mailbox Keyless Locking Mailbox! This mailbox is claimed to be the first secure mailbox design to deter theft and vandalism. That is impressive. Not only will mailbox, of course, accept mail through an upper angled slot (to keep hands out), but this mailbox also is equipped with sensor-controlled LED lights to notify the owner of new mail and the carrier of outgoing mail. It isn't called keyless for nothing. This mailbox features a programmable touchpad system.

This 80 pound mailbox will set you back $300, so if you are really worried, you should buy one. This mailbox will have your subscription to Readers Digest continuing in no time!

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