Tuesday, July 17

IPhone Matters

It has been a while since I have posted. I was having some problems with Blogger for some reason. Now that I have everything back to normal, I want to give you some bad news, and some good news--I'll start with the bad.

As many of you know, I have an iPhone. That iPhone has taken over my life and I am letting it take over your life too, not on purpose of course. Starting today, no more iPhone news! That may be the good news for some of you. There are now websites that are dedicated for just iPhone news, and that is what leads me into the real good news.

Starting next week, I will be writing for a blog that is dedicated to all the iPhone news you can imagine! iPhone Matters is a website dedicated to anything iPhone. Like myself, the Chief Blogger/Editor-in-Chief loves anything Apple so I think I will like it a lot. The same people that bring you iPhone Matters are the same people that bring Apple Matters, and Macitt so check them out.

Not to worry, What's newS will still bring you everything else except for iPhone news so be sure to keep checking in to see the latest news. Take care!

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