Thursday, August 9

New iMacs

My desktop recently died on me so I have been saving and searching for the perfect computer. I'm an Apple finatic so, of course, I did not overlook the beautiful brand new iMacs that were announced yesterday.

Apple has come out with another gergeous computer that is on the list of computers I want. The only thing that bugs me about the iMacs, is the large bottom portion of the screen that seems to be unnescessary. Here is a little about the new iMacs:

  • Its 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo and full-size drive is snappy -- the machine boots from cold to desktop in 26 seconds

  • The screen colors are rich, but compared to our Dell 24-incher (at 400 cd/m2, 1000:1 contrast ratio), the iMac is still dissatisfying.

  • The Apple Remote no longer magnetically clips on to the side!

  • The new Apple keyboard is as thin and aesthetically pleasing as they come.

  • The RAM bay is super easy to get to with the machine on its face. As usual, you get two slots.

  • Despite our niggles, it's straight up the thinnest, sexiest Mac desktop machine Apple's produced to date.

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