Saturday, March 1

Keep on Track With This Cool Walker

I recently purchased myself a nice Mio Digiwalker GPS. My sense of direction is horrible, and it is likely that I would get lost in my apartment if all the lights were turned off. This is probably one reason why I will definitely consider a GPS-equipped walker in the next few decades.

While the exact technical details are a bit unclear, the system apparently uses GPS when the patients are out and about, and relies on a WiFi-based system to direct them around inside a nursing center. The entire system has to be as simplified as possible, with it boasting just five buttons and large arrows pointing the way to the patients' destination.

Who thought of the idea? Student researchers at Arnhem-Nijmegen University! What a great idea, but being that as it may, the walker is not the most popular thing as of now, only being used in the nursing center at which they are currently testing it.

Check out the article here.

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