Wednesday, April 2

Craigslist Thieves Caught in Their Own Game

This is interesting. A beautiful couple named Brandon and Amber Herbert apparently placed an ad as a cover to a planned theft of two horse saddles. They placed the ad on Craigslist, which said that all the belongings were free for the taking at an abandoned house. They then showed up at the place with the others that were there to take the stuff. Smart, but not so well thought out.

Oops! Their IP address was tracked by police through information supplied by Craigslist. They didn't really think about that. One day, I think we are going to see a show on TV (possibly Spike) called, "World's Dumbest Internet Scams" or something in that area. So many crimes take place online. The crimes that take place offline have been seen over and over. Let's bring the "World's Wildest Internet Frauds!" Although the show may not be as interesting, I'd watch it. Maybe there is a show like that. Have I missed it??

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Anonymous said...

Ha - justice!