Friday, June 20

AT&T's Pogo Browser

It takes either a very brave or a very foolish company to enter the browser wars. I'm not sure where AT&T falls at this point but I'd like to introduce you to the new browser on the block dubbed Pogo. This browser offers some cool features and is based off of FireFox 2, but can this browser reserve a spot on people's hard drives? We'll see.

Pogo is a 3D browser based on Mozilla that is in private beta. It is a project that comes out AT&T’s business development group and Vizible, a Toronto-based company whose 3-D rendering engine gives Pogo a very different look than other browsers. Pogo works like a regular browser, except it manages pages more visually. Instead of tabs, it has a scrollable strip on the bottom that shows a thumbnail image of each site you’ve visited during your session. A “Springboard” button on the top left takes you to a grid view of your favorite sites.

Your browsing history is also represented visually, as is your search history. For any particular search, every page you click through to gets saved as part of yet another collection—although you can only see one search set at a time.

To stop abruptly, Pogo is a visually enhanced browser that wows the crowd with it's visual tricks. I see nothing spectacular in the browser. It gets me where I want to go. I'm not so sure many of you are going to want to ditch your main browser and go for Pogo. However, I like where Pogo is going. They have a wonderful idea and if they add a couple of more features and enhance the ones it already has, I am sure people will catch on. AT&T knows visual effects is what a lot of people like, but that is not all they like.

Pogo is currently in private beta but you may still have a chance to test out the browser. Cnet is offering 500 invites on a first come first serve basis, however, it has been a few days. However, it never hurts to try.

"There are 500 invites earmarked for Webware readers. Go to, enter the
code: bTHTRjv1 in the "I've been invited" section, and go through the sign-up
process. You will eventually land back on the Pogo browser page again, but this
time you'll have a username and password. Use those to go to the download page.
Fortunately, the product itself is more straightforward."

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