Friday, June 27

Mercedes New Petrol-Free Hot Rides

I am not the biggest fan of Mercedes, but when I see beauty, tech, and environmentally safety infused into a product or automobile, then I am going to take a second look. Let's be truthful though. Mercedes has a history of innovation and smart business decisions. Like myself, some people fail to see this and think of the Mercedes as slapping a high price on a moderate car. They do slap a high price, but it is on a premium class, very well design, eco-friendly car - now. You get what you pay for, right?

It shouldn't’t surprise us as much as it does that the auto maker is making such a strong push for total nonreliance on gasoline within seven years. "Mercedes will drip-feed different forms of more eco-friendly vehicles into our showrooms as and when the technology has been developed over the next decade - but the process begins towards the end of this year." This is great.

They’ve already have a plethora of prototypes, and technology out there, but their next big push will probably be a fully electric, totally zero-emissions vehicle, probably around 2010 when everyone else is releasing theirs as well. Look forward to it!

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