Wednesday, July 16

Hang In There / Chem-Bot

Hello Everyone. As you may have noticed, recent posts have not been made in about a week. I apologize. I am in the process of moving and currently without a computer at the moment so.
In the meatime, check out this bot -- A bomb chemical sniffing robot. There was a bomb robot similar to this, but it got an upgrade. Apparently, the bot was starting to show its shortcomings, so the Company decided to outfit it with some chemical-sniffing gear that lets it detect ammonia, chlorine, carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds and all other sorts of bad things.

After some extensive testing, it seems that the robot (dubbed CUGV, for Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Unmanned Ground Vehicle) is nearly ready to see some action, with it set to begin field testing in both Iraq and Afghanistan this fall.

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