Wednesday, July 2

The Magical Chess Set

I love Chess, but I can't play very well unfortunately. Perhaps I just don't play enough, however, I think I may start with this beautifully designed chess set that not only looks nice, but is magical as well.

Maybe not so much magical, but a nice gaming effect. Inspired by the Lewis Carroll's novel ‘Alice through the Looking Glass,' designer Yasmin Sethi developed a chess set that features pieces that "magically turn transparent" when they touch the board. When removed from the playing surface, a pawn would be opaque—nearly indistinguishable from any other piece on the board. However, when in contact with the board, the piece reveals its true identity. This effect serves to remind the player that the pieces have no value unless they are in play.

The effect works thanks to a board made out of a glass material with embedded LEDs and chess pieces made from clear glass with the negative shape of a traditional, delicate Staunton chess piece enclosed within it. I love it and probably would not mind playing a little more often with a chess set like this....oh, and a partner of course.

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