Monday, August 18

Be Amazed By the Lexus Nuaero

On the list of being one of my favorite car manufacturers, they have whipped up a concept that I may have to see to believe. Sure, Jon Radbrink's design looks incredibly cool, fast and futuristic; but then again, I would probably spend the first few months (if I owned such a car) looking over my shoulder to see if Sigourney Weaver was about to burst out of nowhere to battle with this creature of a car.
According to Radbrink, there's a lot more to this design than just looks, and he believes the car's "low weight and large presence" will be the way premium cars could be manufactured in the future. To drive this luxury car, the driver would use a "drive-by-wire" steering pad and a completely customizable multi-point touch screen. Supposedly, our hands are far more accurate for driving than our feet, so he's eliminated pedals. I can somewhat agree with that. However, everything is controlled via the steering wheel so that would be a little strange. "Since the car is powered by electrical motors {found in each of the four wheels}," Radbrink says, "there is no transmission and you break intuitively by pushing the steering wheel away from your body."

I'm still not sure if I like it. It is a little too oddly-shaped for me, but for a tech fan, like myself, this has to be one of the coolest gadgets a guy could ever love. Now whether we'll ever see it or not is a question that may forever be asked. However, you may get a general idea of where Lexus is going in their line of cars as the years go by. I'm just not too sure I like this direction. Tech - yes, design - not so much.

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