Wednesday, August 20

Now Available: Pause Your Email

Wouldn't it be cool if you could pause your email?? Ummm, not so much, but this is what Microsoft is currently working on. When I first heard about this, I thought to myself, "well, couldn't one just - I don't know - not check their email?" Makes since, right? Well, Microsoft thinks otherwise, and here are the details.

Microsoft Office Labs has launched a new product called "E-mail Prioritizer" that will not only sort through your in-box to figure out what's important, but also give you an actual pause button in case you want to escape an Exchange server e-mail avalanche. I guess this could possibly be convenient to some.

Users must be running the latest version of Outlook (2007), and for now the tool is PC-only. After installing it, you'll get a new toolbar menu option that lets you toggle on the "do not disturb" mode for a certain period of time or based on your meeting schedule. Once you return, or the timer runs out, it'll sync back up and grab new messages. Voila!

The far more interesting half of this tool is the prioritizer itself. This will rate messages in your in box from zero to three stars. For instance, e-mails sent to you and nobody else, or those from your bosses gets three stars, whereas mail you're carbon-copied on, or where you're part of a large list, scores far lower. Interesting, eh?

Try it out. You may love feature of pausing your email. After trying it out myself, I was not that impressed, however, the general application is quite useful and a great organizational tool if that is what you are looking for as well.

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