Friday, August 22

PSP-3000 Gets a New Look

For those of you who still love the PSP and own an older version (PSP-2000), feast your eyes upon the improved screen.

"In this version of the biggest changes on the LCD, PSP-2000 and PSP-3000 are listed and differences stand out in bold relief. And two from one to another PSP-3000 are much more colorful screen, and increasingly (especially primary portion of the outstanding), increased chromogenic think so. Also, as announced by the reflection of light is PSP-3000 is overwhelmingly kept, and this is certainly outside to play without that stress brought that also could, and I felt I was."

If it doesn't make much since to you, that is because it was translated from this page. Our English language is sometimes difficult to translate, but it gets the point across - The screen is much better and a pleasure to use...blah blah blah. Are you ready for an upgrade?

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