Monday, September 22

Another Touchscreen Phone, for Landlines

"AT&T has announced its HomeManager, a 7" touchscreen device by Samsung that looks to revitalize landline communication by bundling it with other services."

I don't use a landline anymore and I don't see a future (for me) with a landline in it. For those who still love their landline connection, there is still hope of a future by changing the landline into something awesome, like this HomeManager.

The HomeManager device offers converged content through its simultaneous connection to a broadband router and to a landline. Voice calls can take place both over VoIP or landline, and address book syncing from AT&T Mobile Backup allows customers to port their mobile device's contacts over to the HomeManager base station. The touchscreen device acts as a portable speakerphone, but also comes with a Dect 6.0 cordless handset for regular conversations.

The 800x400 24-bit color touchscreen also accesses Internet content such as news, weather, and e-mail in addition to a touchable (finger or stylus) Yellow Pages interface. It can double as a digital frame when not in use, as it accepts SD cards or USB flash memory. The unit's internal storage is limited to 256 MB.

Now, if I still had a landline, I would be all over this concept. This is great technology and I think - although the percentage of landline users are dwindling - it is going to be a hit. No word on a release date, but the price is going to be...pricey at $299.

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