Monday, September 22

Two Heads Are Better Than One

I have been writing each and every article on my own right here on What's newS since January of 2005. It has come to my attention that I have not been as prolific these past few months, so I have decided to add an extra hand. 

Brooks Sanford is a very good friend of mine and aside from his fascination of shoes, Sanford shares a very important common interest that readers of What's newS love - That is technology. Sanford's most common topic of interest is Apple. He absolutely loves all things Apple and although the only Apple product he owns is an iPhone, the passion that he has for the company and the technology that they offer, make him very knowledgeable in that area. I suspect you all may see a lot of Apple talk from him. Of course, as promised, iPhone talk will be forbidden on What's newS. iPhone Matters is the place to go for your iPhone news. :)

I like to show the good sides of technology, however, Sanford is a realist and he loves to argue, so you may find his postings to be controversial. Technology can be a good thing, or a bad thing. A recent article of his tells us just how affective and harmful technology can be. Soon to be a father, you may also see some baby-tech postings from Sanford. That is something never to be seen on What's newS before.

You may see sparatic postings from Sanford once here and there for now because - like me - Sanford is a busy person. I asked him to write for me in the hopes that he can fill some of the gaps in my busy life, and I can fill the gaps in his busy life here on What's newS. 

Welcome to What's newS Brooks!

To contact Brooks, please direct your questions to Besnfrd [at] whtsnews [dot] com

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