Thursday, September 18

Look! The World's Smallest Computer

fit-PC Slim is billed as the "smallest, most energy efficient PC available," and at 13 ounces it just might be. I sure haven't seen a computer any smaller. I thought that title went to the Apple mini computer, ha ha.... Either way, it is still cool.

What does this computer pack? Slim is housed in a small, black enclosure, draws a mere 6 watts of power, and runs on a 500MHz AMD Geode. This machine is available in 2 flavors. 256MB configuration (sans WiFi, hard drive) for $220; a 512MB WiFi version (with no hard drive) for $245; or go all out with the 512MB / WiFi / 60GB hard disk version pre-installed with either Ubuntu or Windows XP Home SP3, for $295 or $335.

Not bad, I just wish it had a DVI connection. Oh well, I wouldn't mind having one still. To get more information, click here and read all about it.

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