Wednesday, November 12

How My Degree Prepared Me

Although not a technology-related story or review, I thought I would recognize Lander University's student newspaper, which is doing an amazing job. The Forum has come a long way since I have been there. The website is fantastic and gets many visits a day. I also thought I would summarize how my degree prepared me for what I do now.

I happen to make it on the Forum not too long ago because I was asked to come and speak with students about how my degree prepared me for what I do now. I was with other Alumni that spoke of the same topic as well. It was a fantastic time and I was honored to come speak. It was also a pleasure to hear the lives of my other fellow alumni friends. Those individuals are doing great things and it was not without the help of some of the great professors under the Communications department.

My time throughout college was amazing and one thing I told myself was that I was going to be involved. I was involved with the the student newspaper (The Forum), and the Mass Communications Association. I did a variety of things with the Forum, but one thing I always loved was writing. I produced many articles. This journalistic writing style was with the help of my professor and now friend Robert Stevenson. Many of his classes taught me a lot, most importantly, grammar, which Robert is very passionate about.

Of course, my internships throughout college helped me to become a better writer as well. I also had professors like Dr. Love, a very prolific writer that would stay over to look at papers I wrote, articles I typed, and grammatical errors I overlooked. She was extremely helpful and I am grateful for that.

Frank Jackson's ethics classes, Monique's speech classes, Sam Davis' telecommunication classes, Laura Hesters Internet classes, and many more professors that gave me so much to take with me on my life journey. I took what they all gave me and focused that on what I do now. My goal throughout college was to become a journalist writing for some newspaper, and although that is still a goal, I am totally content as a "Professional Blogger" and working for SpiderOak.

I had no idea that after graduating I would be working online using the skills that I have learned throughout the years. It is amazing and I hope to continue and grow. I would like to thank everyone who has taught me and everyone that has supported me throughout the years. I could not have done it without your help and hope you follow me as I expand and continue in my life.

Now I will stop ranting and begin delivering what you want to see - What's newS!

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