Thursday, November 13

The iPill - The Pill that Heals You

I remember reading about the iPill (intelligent pill) a few years ago by Philips. Now it has become an actuality. If you don't remember hearing about the iPill, it is exactly what you are thinking, except, you have a lot more to swallow than what you are use to.The iPill is a miniature capsule that among its many charms contains a microprocessor, power supply, medicine reservoir and pump, and a radio so that it can remain in contact with external medical equipment.

The pill's ability to accurately determine its position in the digestive tract enables it to deliver drugs precisely where they're needed, reducing dosage strength and side effects. According to Philips, the current design is a prototype, but it's suitable for serial manufacturing. I'm sure this won't be the only robotic pill we see, but can you imagine digesting all those parts??

Via: Reuters

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