Sunday, November 16

Sneak peek at Black Friday.

I know the economy is not that great, but if you are planning on going out and stand in lines that are 2 miles long at 4 a.m, then this site is your new best friend. is a website that rounds up ads well in advance so you can plan your shopping.

I will be at work, but I trust you've taken the day off to rush out and shop for Christmas.  Enjoy the holidays and be careful on Black Friday.  Any of you had any bad (or good) experiences on this infamous day?  Leave us a comment about it.


Crayton said...

Thanks for this! Although I'm just going to avoid the crowd and do all my shopping online.

JoCoWash said...

For sure Crayton. I am going to do the same thing. To get a little off subject, I think the closing of the 155+ Circuit City retail stores shows that there is and will continue to be a decline in actual stores and a rise in online shopping.