Wednesday, January 14

14528 Text Messages In One Month

I must say, my text message usage has gone up significantly in the past year, however, I am no where near 14,528 text messages. A 13-year old girl in California racked up 14,528 text messages in just a month, which is about 484 messages a day, 20 every hour, 2 per minute.

When I break it down, it begins to get rather annoying to me. I cannot imagine receiving or sending 2 text messages per minute…wow. Reina Hardesty’s excuse for her 440-page phone bill (obviously not an e-bill) was, “I just like to talk.” If she has that much talking to do, she should probably call people a little more often.

Fortunately, she has unlimited texting, but of course her parents had to place a stop to this madness and have restricted her cell phone usage.

Out of curiosity, how many text messages do you send a month?

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Jim F. said...

Zero :)