Monday, January 12

Lock Your Front Door Via the Web

How would like to be able to lock and unlock your front door from the internet? You are probably thinking, "why," but I am sure there are plenty of good reasons why one would use this. Perhaps you forgot to lock the front door? Maybe you have a housekeeper you don't want to give a key to and you could unlock the door from work? Perhaps a friend of your forgot something at your house and you can't come unlock it for him/her? These are just a few scenarios in which one might use this new locking system.

Lock company Schlage is launching Schlage Link, a suite of products to allow over-the-Web control of a home's locks, lights, and thermostats. It also integrates with Webcams. It can be opened by key, with a four-digit code, or through the online and mobile sites. The lock can also alert its owners via a mobile message when it's opened or tampered with (when incorrect codes are entered multiple times in a row).

An online control center lets you program the system to turn on lights when someone enters the house or at certain times, to send your phone photos of your doorway when a door opens, and so on. You can enable and disable specific codes as you wish--useful to give service people access only at certain times, for instance.

I am very optimistic about a smart home and with smart-home items like this, we are that much closer to integrating internet services in every household product we use. Everything is going online. The starter kit with one lock set, one light module, and the home network connector box, costs $299, and the network access costs $12.99 a month. The subscription plan may be a deal break for a lot of people however.

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Daniel said...

Though an old concept, it's great to see yet more proliferation of smart home equipment and software particularly when it becomes Internet enabled.

My only concern for this particular implementation though is the subscription package. I do agree that it'll be a deal breaker for many a person.