Monday, February 23

Couple Buys $1100 Broken TV

Most of us know about the closure of Circuit City. If you were able to make it to their liquidation sale, then you know, there weren't much deals at all. However, the thought of a liquidation sale just flocks people in. One couple decided to take a gander at the selection and ended up making a TV purchase. Unfortunately, it was an $1100 broken TV.

A couple in Boston bought an $1100 Samsung TV from Circuit City’s liquidation sale, only to find out that, once they got home and opened it up, it was shattered. Why didn’t they inspect it at the store, you ask? It is very rare when someone inspects a television at the store if it is in a box. In addition, there were signs in the store that said “DO NOT OPEN THE MERCHANDISE” alongside other signs that say “ALL SALES FINAL” and “CHECK YOUR PURCHASES,” among others.

So you can’t open the merchandise to check it before you buy it, but you’re supposed to check your purchases even though all sales are final. Hmmm.

Unfortunately, they could not return it. A big part of this problem may be that the couple drove the TV to their house before opening it. Even worse, this liquidation is covered under federal bankruptcy laws, not local laws, so the couple isn’t covered like they normally would be had they purchased the TV under normal circumstances.

The couple is fighting and accodring to TheBostonChannel, "A spokesman for the liquidation group, Great American Group said, “We have signs posted indicating all sales are final,” and “Consumers are protected by the manufacturers warranty.” But Samsung wouldn’t help Gina and Emilio, saying their TV was damaged, not defective, and not their concern. “No one’s there to help us … we’re out $1,100,” Gina said. Gina has appealed to her credit card company but so far Citizens Bank has not said whether it will help."

Be careful out there, shoppers, especially if doing business under these circumstances.

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