Wednesday, February 18

TrapCall Shows You Blocked Calls

Isn't is annoying when you receive a call that is blocked? Perhaps you were the wonderful recipient of a prank call. That has all changed with the new service that is in town. Dubbed "TrapCall," this service will show you every single number that calls you, even if blocked.

TrapCall reroutes unanswered blocked calls through a 1-800 number then back to your voicemail. Since anonymity is denied to 1-800 numbers, TrapCall simply picks up the number as the data moves through their servers. Of course, the caller on the other end doesn't notice a thing. Very sneaky.

For a $10 upgrade to "Mouse Trap" service, users can receive transcripts of voicemail messages and can, in some cases, send text messages with the phone number of the caller. A $25 "Bear Trap" upgrade allows you to record phone calls and receive text messages with the billing name and street address of your caller. Interestingly enough, a service called SpoofCard allows you to display a number of your choosing on a Caller ID.

I am sure this service will get a lot of phone calls about the privacy concerns. Perhaps even more contreversial is the recording feature that records incoming calls. Dereguarding those concerns, the service is great. Currently it is available for T-Mobile and AT&T with other support on the way. Check it out. And go ahead and call me - I dare you!

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