Wednesday, February 11

Blockbuster is Trying

Last week, I mentioned Netflix growing. They are integrating themselves in all sorts of devices, and their selection is growing every day. The longtime competitor, Blockbuster, has been fighting to win the battle with Netflix for years, but they just seem to not be going anywhere. Most likely in an effort to get a few more users, Blockbuster has announced that it is adding game rentals to their current online subscription.

Coming soon to subscribers of Blockbuster Video's Total Access service are video game rentals. Today, the company announced it would be adding gaming titles alongside movies to its movies-by-mail monthly service as part of a pilot program. I think this is a great idea on their part, because as most of us knows, games are still huge, even durring this economic downturn.

If you are a current Blockbuster subscriber, don't think game rentals are going to work the same way. Subscribers of the Total Access service currently get a handful of free in-store movie rentals each month, whereas for game rentals the company will simply be offering them at half price. Such movie and video game rentals are subject to due dates and late fees however. This makes a little since because games are so expensive these days.

Not everyone will have a chance to change their plan just yet. This program will start in the second quarter of this year, and will only be open to a limited number of subscribers. The company hopes to have it available for everyone else by the "second half of the year."

Stay tuned...

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