Monday, February 9

Kindle 2 Announced

I'm not book reader anymore. However, I liked the idea behind the first Kindle , but it just wasn't doing anything for me. The device looked awkward, the button layout was awful, and the response was slow. Today was the announcement of the Kindle 2 that seems to improve many of these features, and it even looks good!

Amazon announced the second-generation Kindle ebook reader with the exclusive Stephen King novel today. The new version will still cost $359, but it's much thinner than the original. Thin is in.
According to some sources, one of the biggest features is "Read to Me", which can read any content on the device back to you in a decent-sounding computerized voice, but there's also seven times more storage, a sharper 16-level e-ink display that turns pages 20 percent faster, 25 percent longer battery life, and a new five-way joystick that improves navigation.

If you are looking to grab yourself a Kindle 2, you can order now and receive February 24th.

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