Thursday, February 5

The Ultimate Living Room Couch

As if we all aren't getting lazy enough, we produce what has to be one of the most superfluous living room sets that I have seen. However, don't get me wrong - it is a very cool couch. I just hope it is comfortable.

The Athena Sofa is one-part luxury sofa that you will likely stain, one-part PC. Although, there aren't any specs on the couch/PC, you can surely expect a high price. A cheaper way is to buy a nice couch and a laptop. Although you won't have dual touch-screen monitors that retract and fold neatly from the arm rests, you will have a laptop that you can fold neatly and place on the arm rests... But hey - you may get one, and when you do, I'd love to get a review from you.

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