Tuesday, April 14

Control Your Home Via Voice

I've dreamt of a future where I walk into my home and tell it to turn on the kitchen lights, preheat the oven, turn the television to the Discovery Channel (my favorite channel), etc... Simply control everything in my house via voice. I knew something like that was out there. Bill Gates has it! Hopefully as a system for the home becomes more ubiquitous, they'll get cheaper, and my dream will come true. For now, I can dream...

A company behind the main software, Home Automated Living, named their product HAL. With this software, Electronic House says you could say something along the lines of "Play Crash by Dave Matthews" and HAL will play it. HAL also works with the Leviton lighting system, the GE security system and the HAI thermostat—all over voice.

There isn't a price, but this is probably for a good reason...

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