Friday, April 10

Real or Fake? Use the Diamond Detector!

I have a feeling this device is going to break some hearts. Have a diamond that you are just itching to find out if it is real or fake? Try the diamond detector. This $199 DiamondNite supposedly tells the difference between real diamonds and cubic zirconia, but do you really want to know??

"DiamondNite tests for non-diamond, synthetic moissanite and genuine diamond with one touch in only 1.5 seconds! No beep means it is a simulant, other than moissanite. The first continuous beep with a green light indicates that the stone is diamond; if it is followed by a higher pitched continuous beep and red light, then it is moissanite. Initial warm-up time is eight seconds. Recovery time between tests is an astonishing one second. Completely portable, the DiamondNite uses one 9 Volt battery (included). The three-minute shut-off alert saves battery life. The unit comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty."

The DiamondNite diamond detector is $199.95 and you can order it now. If you do get one, drop me an email and let me know how it works because I am a bit skeptical...

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